1 Down. 15 To Go.

(cover photo courtesy of nhl.bamcontent.com)

The Rangers started the playoffs just right last night, shutting out the Canadiens 2-0 on the road in what usually is a horror house for the Rangers. The Canadiens seemingly spent the first period trying to get in the Rangers heads and knock them off course but the Blue Shirts didn’t waver. Going into the game, we knew Montreal was going to hit and they were going to hit hard. New York had two options: either get punched, fall down and stay or get punched, spit that bloody tooth out and punch back ten times harder. They wisely chose the second option.

Tanner Glass got the party started in the 1st period with a nasty backhand, top shelf goal on Carey Price. I don’t even think Price knew that the goal went in. Nonetheless it’s one of the best goals I’ve ever seen.

Michael Grabner netted an empty netter late in the 3rd period to seal the game for the Blue Shirts. None of those goals would have meant anything without Henrik Lundqvist being an absolute monster in the net. The Canadiens had multiple opportunities in the Rangers zone where a goal was imminent. Montreal’s Bell Centre was one goal away from having to renovate the roof. The crowd was itching to explode. Hank had 31 saves and stopped any shot of that happening. He looked like the Hank from a couple of years ago.

This game was the complete opposite of how I thought it’d go. The Rangers haven’t shown the ability to get punched and punch back this season. In the first ten minutes, we saw the Rangers not even blink every time the Canadiens tried to bully them. I loved what I saw Wednesday night. Great overall game and Hank played like The King. The Rangers stole the home ice advantage and put all the pressure on the Habs. Not bad heading to Easter weekend.

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