10 NBA Finals Stories We are About to Hear Way too Much About

Lebron or MJ

MJ. Today, tomorrow, and for the rest of time. It doesn’t matter if the Cavs win. It’s MJ.

Are the Warriors better without Kevin Durant?

At some point this series the Cavs are going to win a game and KD will probably not play well. People will start talking about how the Warriors went 16-4 without Durant.

Should we move the three point line?

It’s changing the game! Have you heard?

Should we eliminate the corner three?

Both teams will hit a lot of corner threes. Commentators need something to talk about. I have a hard time imagining what the three-point arc would look like if it was changed to ending a few feet from the baseline.

Is Draymond crazy?

It’s not a question of “if” but “when” Draymond Green will punch/kick a member of the Cavs. My money is on a shot against Kevin Love during Game 3 or 4 in Cleveland.

What happened to Riley Curry?

She was cute and awesome, but where did she go? Is this the year that Ryan Curry (Steph’s son) makes an appearance?

Richard Jefferson is old

Yep. We know, but since announcers and reporters are old they like to reference how someone nearly as old as they are is still playing NBA basketball.

Whose spouse is most likely to tweet something they shouldn’t?

Last year it was Ayesha Curry coming in with a fire tweet after Game 6. At some point this year, another spouse or relative is going to take to social media to say something they probably shouldn’t. Who is it going to be?

Can Mike Brown Coach/Will Steve Kerr Make an Appearance?

Mike Brown is not a good basketball coach. He’s been fired three times (twice by Cleveland). There’s also the possibility of Steve Kerr going full Willis Reed by making an inspiring appearance.

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