10 Restaurants SUNY Cortland Students Would Love in Corey Union

Over the past few years, Corey Union has been known to have great food places that students could go to when they don’t want to go to the dining halls. The building is right in the center of the campus so that makes it easy for students to grab something quick in between classes.

There has been a lot of debate about the new restaurant additions in Corey, so I took some time to ask some students what they would love to add to the building if they got the chance to.


Senior Meghan Friberg said, “they have a lot of home comfort food as well as great soups that would be awesome to have during the wintertime.”


Junior Emily Rovner said, “the restaurant is great for salads, burritos and tacos and that would be perfect for a quick lunch or dinner!”


Senior Tori Quackenbush said, “they have such a variety of food that everyone could find something that they would like to eat.”

TGI Friday’s

Senior Kolby Randall answered, “they have awesome appetizers that would make for a great dinner or a late night snack!”

Fresh & Co

Senior Kaity Eber responded, “it would be a great addition for students because you can pick whatever you would like to put on your salad!”

Johnny Rockets

Senior Melani Salibian answered, “THEIR MILKSHAKES!”

China City

Sophomore Greg Pantaleone said, “so many students order food from there and have it delivered to their dorm, it would be so much easier if it was located right on campus.”

Friendlys Ice Cream

Junior Cynthia Manduca responded, “who doesn’t love friendlys ice cream!”

The Old Corey Union

Senior Michael Lopes said, “bring back the old restaurants in Corey, there was a variety of food places that everyone enjoyed such as Dunkin Donuts, a burrito place as well as chicken wrap place!”

Insomnia Cookies

Junior Erika Teich answered, “the cookies there are amazing, it would be awesome to have a place on campus were students could get a variety of cookies from!”

All of these places would be great to have right in the center of campus. Is it possible for it to happen? Who knows. I guess we will have to see what SUNY Cortland has planned for the near future. For now, we will have to keep dreaming about it.

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