162 Games Of Hell Begins Today

I don’t know why I do it but every year I do it. It’s not just limited to one sport, it applies to all. Every year, I get my hopes up. I get my hopes up that something will change. A ball bounces my way. A key player stays healthy. Something, anything really, that I can hang my hat on finally and be satisfied as opposed to heartbroken.

And every year those hopes come crashing to the ground. It’s never a gracious crash. We don’t hit a little turbulence on the runway. It’s a crash where the right engine blows up, the plane spirals out of control and we crash into the middle of the woods. Helpless.

That plane is taking off today.

It’s Mets opening day and as usual, spirits are high. The lineup is looking nice, the pitching staff is looking mostly healthy (it wouldn’t be the Mets if one of our guys wasn’t injured to start). The sun is shining, the weathers warmer and everything good in life gets amplified to great. It’s a shame that this is going to end very soon.

As a Mets fan, you can just see it in the distance. It’s like the balloon in the movie It, it just appears and you know something bad is about happen. Except instead of a balloon, it’s a tweet that says “Thor’s next start will be pushed back due to *insert muscle* tightness”. It’s inevitable.

I’m here for it all. It’s a grind. 6 months of a roller coaster of emotions. 162 games of hell. It begins today. So throw those Mets hat on, button that jersey up that you’ve been storing in the back of the closet and let’s all do this together. Because experiencing this pain is better when we do it together.

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