Wide Receivers Do Not Win You SuperBowls

I’m sure this will have a lot of pushback but people need to start realizing that you do not need a great or even very good wide receiver to win Super Bowls.

Coaches, GMs, fans and the media fall in love with the flash and big plays some of these receivers make but they are probably the 4th or 5th most important unit on a team.

First and foremost you need a franchise/good QB, a good offensive line, a good defensive line, a good secondary and a good Coach/GM. All of these units are vastly more important than a great wide receiver. The NFL’s leading receivers this year were T.Y. Hilton, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham, Mike Evans, Antonio Brown and Jordy Nelson. The Colts and Bucs did not even make the playoffs. Odell Beckham and Jordy Nelson did not win a playoff game either as Nelson was injured in the first quarter of the playoff game against the Giants. The Packers have a top 5 offensive line and a great QB so that is what took them to the NFC Championship. Aaron Rodgers was winning games with a nobody named Geronimo Allison as his best receiver.

Now I know what you will say is that the Steelers and Falcons won 2 playoff games a piece and Julio Jones and Antonio Brown had some great games but the Steelers got blown out in the AFC Championship so Brown’s impact was not as important in that game. I am not saying wide receivers do not matter, what I am saying is that their impact is not as great as everyone thinks.

The media and fans fall in love with them because they are flashy but there are more important units on a football team. The Raiders and Titans were the most improved teams in the NFL this season and that was do to great QB and offensive line play. The Titans receivers are probably one of the worst receiver units in the NFL and they were a Marcus Mariota injury away from making the playoffs.

Think about this, Calvin Johnson was the greatest receiver in the last 10 years and how many playoff games did he win? Oh thats right ZERO…..

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