A Binge-Worthy Series In Review: Breaking Bad

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In my experience as a college student, it seems to be an unwritten rule that all students need to have a television show that they binge-watch throughout each semester. I myself, have binge-watched one or two different shows each semester in my three years at SUNY Cortland.

So, if you are looking for a show to accompany you down the final stretch of this spring semester, or over the summer, just keep an eye on my posts over the next few weeks. I will be giving my opinion on some shows that I have binge-watched over the past few years, and yes, my opinion matters big-time.

This week, I am going to dive into the show that I just finished up, AMC’s critically acclaimed, Breaking Bad.

The general story of this show is about a high school chemistry teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Walter White. Walter has a family of three with an unplanned baby on the way, and he gets diagnosed with Lung Cancer right around his 50th birthday.

In the pilot of this show when Walt is informed of his diagnosis, he seems generally unphased. His high school teaching job pays so little that he has to work at a local car wash to provide extra income for his family. It seems as if Walt may be clinically depressed, just moving from day-to-day, trying to provide for his family.

After Walt comes to terms with his diagnosis, he decides to hide this from his family and find a way to provide for them once he is gone.

At his 50th birthday party, we meet his brother-in-law Hank Schrader, who is married to his wife’s sister and is a top DEA Agent in the area and is fresh off busting a big Meth Lab. At the party, Hank offers to take Walt on a ride along to “get him a little excitement in his life”.

Walt takes Hank up on his offer and sees his brother-in-law take down another meth lab in the area. While on the bust, Walt sees a former student of his evade the drug bust and an idea pops into his head.

Hank pointed out how much money selling Meth can make and Walt now knows how he will provide for his family, he will be the best Meth cook the country has ever seen. The night of the raid Walt tracks down his former student, Jesse Pinkman and strikes a partnership with him to cook meth.

From here, the show follows the journey that Walt and Jesse take throughout a year, there are highs and lows, shocking twists, secrets, mistakes, and much more over this five-season series. We even see Walt take on an alter-ego, Heisenberg, a character he refers to himself as for protection, and for when he does something badass.

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If you see Walt wearing this hat beware of something crazy happening.

This series is something unlike anything I have ever seen before, the storyline is refreshingly unique and has so many different things happening at once, this forces you to sit on the edge of your seat to see what will happen next.

The show is only five seasons long and has just 62 episodes, but is definitely worth a watch.

I will be honest, I was a bit bored with the show in seasons two and three, as there was not enough action occurring from episode to episode. However, the first season did a great job of showing us who Walt and his family were and these character developments showed us just how unlikely it would be for Walt to go down this road had he not been diagnosed with cancer.

The fourth and fifth seasons of this show were unbelievable. There was nonstop action from episode to episode and there were so many twists and turns that never allowed you to know what Walt would do next.

Overall, I would give the show a B+ and recommend it to be the next show on your watchlist, especially if you want to watch something quickly down the final stretch of this semester. Just be prepared for a boring stretch for most of the second and third seasons.

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