A Giant Disappointment

In a season that looked promising at the start but has since fallen apart in just about every way possible, the Giants are now the worst team in the Big Apple and things only got worse in Week 10.

The Giants ended their 2016-2017 season with a rough loss in Green Bay where they trailed only 14-6 at the half, but couldn’t hold on and suffered a devastating 38-13 loss that ended a rather great season. The Giants only have one win since that painful loss in Green Bay and they don’t look too close to winning another anytime soon.


The Giants looked like a playoff contender before the season started, but nobody would have thought the Jets would end up being the better of the two teams in MetLife Stadium. With one of the top-ranked defenses in the league last season, two-time super bowl MVP quarterback Eli Manning returning for his 14th season, and arguably the best receiver trio in the league taking the field in 2017, the Giants looked like a sure playoff team. They now find themselves at 1-8 and dead last in the NFC East.

The season started with an awful loss in Dallas where the Giants failed to score a touchdown losing 19-3. The Giants were without Odell Beckham Jr. after he suffered a small injury in preseason and the G-Men could not get the offense going at all. Beckham returned in week two against the Lions, but you might not have known by watching as the Giants suffered a 24-10 loss to the Lions. The Giants played tough their next three games but lost all three, the first to the Eagles on a 61-yard field goal from rookie kicker Jake Elliot as time expired, the second to the Buccaneers also on a last-second field goal, and the third to the Chargers where they lost 27-22. The game against the Chargers is when things really fell apart.

The Giants did start 0-5, but it did look as if they had a solid squad assembled and they were just making mistakes and losing on last-second field goals. However, the Chargers game was detrimental to the Giants offense. They lost their entire receiving core as well as their return man and backup receiver. Odell Beckham and return man Dwayne Harris were ruled out for the season with a broken ankle and broken foot respectively. Sterling Shepherd was ruled out for a few weeks with a sprained ankle and Brandon Marshall’s season was also ended after he hurt his ankle and required season-ending surgery.  The Giants weren’t able to win a game with their receivers and no Giants fans wanted to think about what would happen without them. They gathered some receivers from the practice squad and also resigned veteran Tavarres King. With essentially an entirely new group of receivers, running backs Wayne Gallman and Orleans Darkwa were ready to take on a bigger workload. The season looked completely lost at this point, but Big Blue wasn’t going to give up that easily.

The Giants followed the loss to Los Angeles with their first win of the season in Denver where they managed to get some offense going while the defense held the Broncos to just 10 points. That was the end of their success for a while as they took a beating from the Seahawks, then lost 51-17 to a red-hot Los Angeles Rams team, and just this past weekend lost to the now 1-9 San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers were 0-9 going into the game but had just acquired backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots. The 49ers did not need him to win it turned out as CJ Beathard handled the Giants rather easily, defeating them 31-21 and it wasn’t as close as the score showed.

The fact that the Giants cannot go 0-16 and tie the 2008 Detroit Lions record for the worst regular season in history is about the only good news for the G-Men in 2017. With six games remaining, they do not look like a team that is capable of another win and Sterling Shepard may be the Giants only starting receiver to return this year. The Giants are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but they aren’t far and the way things are going, this disappointing season isn’t even going to end on a high note.


The Giants are now only capable of finishing 8-8 at best, which is unlikely, to say the least. The good news about finishing with a poor record is that they will get an early draft pick for next year. And that draft pick is going to be significant for their future.

Eli Manning is not having a career year by any means and there has been talk of him either being traded or having Davis Webb play a few games since the season is at a loss already. Replacing Eli is going to be a big task no matter how good or bad they are, but since they are already in a deep hole they may very well try to get a top notch QB to lead a high-level offense next year when Odell and company return.

The question of firing head coach Ben McAdoo has also been floating around, but Giants executives have announced that he is still the head coach and will likely finish the season as head coach. McAdoo took over as Giants coach in 2016 after Tom Coughlin left. He had a great debut taking the Giants to the playoffs after finishing the regular season with an 11-5 record but only has one win so far this season. The last time the Giants fired a coach in the middle of a season was back in 1976, and it doesn’t appear that that streak will be snapped this year. The Giants can only make do with what they have this year, give the up-and-comers a shot on the field, and look forward to a good draft pick for next year.

The Giants will have their receivers back next year and after a year of experience for Darkwa and Gallman, the Giants could have a dangerous offense next season. The defense has also struggled, but they are on the field for more than 30 minutes almost every game and there are a few youngsters that are still learning the system. Giants fans cannot expect anything from this year, but this does appear to only be a one-year disaster. They may see a new coach in the upcoming offseason and possibly a new quarterback. Davis Webb is the next man up, but the Giants have talked about possibly using their draft pick to grab a top college QB.


The Giants receivers and some other players took a trip down to Miami on the Monday before the playoff game against the Packers. This has lead to their downfall…. just kidding. There was a running joke after the Packers game that the Giants lost due to their boat trip down in Miami. However, they are 1-9 since that trip. Did a boat trip curse the New York Giants? Maybe it is possible, yet many believe that the Giants are a better team than they have shown. They have not shown anyone that they are a better team than their record suggests, and will need to make some important moves to get back on track and make another Super Bowl run. That won’t be this year though as Giants fans will have to endure the painful games that remain this season. In the meantime, fans will have to watch how the quarterback situation plays out. If all goes well, Davis Webb might be the quarterback in New York after Eli is finished.







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