A+ Marketing From Interstate Batteries

I have no clue what I just watched but I think I need a new car battery now. Granted this came out in 2010 but it made a comeback last night during the Kansas State-Texas A&M. I’m pretty sure there’s some hidden message in here that only car people understand. The only thing I know about cars is that you have to put gas in the gas tank when the low fuel light comes on. Other than that, you could just make up names for parts and I would believe you. 

“You’re tyrod fan coil belt is a little shaky sir.” Alright, fix it up. It sounds like I need that for my car to work. Can’t be driving around with a shaky tyrod fan coil belt. That’s what this commercial is. If you play it in reverse there’s most likely another secret message. The best part of this commercial is that I had absolutely no clue what this was for until the last three seconds when the “Interstate Batteries” logo popped up. That is what we call good marketing. Reel me in with this out there commercial and make me feel the need to get your product. A+ marketing. 

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