Alabama Girl KO’s Guy, Could Probably Beat Floyd Mayweather

We’ve been wanting Conor McGregor to fight Floyd Mayweather for a while now but I think we need to swap McGregor out for this girl.

I get wanting to prove your manliness in front of people. It’s been happening since men were created. We run through doors, we jump through tables and occasionally we’ll ask someone to slap box all in front of a camera with the common goal of showing just how manly we are. You throw a camera in front of us and all of a sudden the ante is upped. This guy though, is absolutely bananas.

I’m going to assume these two are a couple. One because this guy seems very comfortable at first with the thought of this girl punching him in the face.

And two because I don’t know a single human being that is okay with willingly getting punched in the noggin by a stranger.

This guy vastly underestimated this girls left hook. I mean I’ve watched my fair share of knockouts on the internet but this one beats all of those. This guy thought he was going to get a nice little shiner and show everyone he can take a punch. Instead, he ends up slumped on the side of the bed and his girlfriends induction into the Boxing Hall of Fame is scheduled for next week.

Are we sure this guy isn’t dead? I wouldn’t be shocked if everyone just left the room and he still hasn’t been checked on yet. RIP to this guy.

P.S. How about the girlfriend just jumping the gun and throwing that mean hook on 2 and not waiting for the go?

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  1. Georgios Loudaros

    The funny thing is he ends getting punched and his phone likely gone though, because while he’s sleeping from the punch she could just grab his phone and have at it

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