An Interview With Homecoming Queen Nominee Kaity Eber

Running for homecoming queen sounds pretty easy, but in reality it really isn’t. Just ask senior Kaity Eber. Kaity is VP of Recruitment for the Nu Sigma Chi sorority on campus. When the idea of homecoming queen first came to her, she did not think about doing it. After thinking about it, she figured why not give it a shot. A homecoming queen isn’t just about the title, its about raising money for the American Cancer Society.

This week, I got the opportunity to sit down with Kaity and ask her some questions about her experience.

Jessica: What made you run for homecoming queen?

Kaity: I decided to run for homecoming queen because I thought it would be a great opportunity to raise money for the American Cancer Society. This is the philanthropy for my sorority, Nu Sigma Chi, and I thought it would be fun to get involved as it is my last homecoming at SUNY Cortland.

Jessica: Have you faced any challenges throughout this experience? If so, what exactly?

Kaity: I haven’t faced too many challenges except for being nervous about walking on the field or being introduced at homecoming. I definitely have some stage fright. I also have a lot going on as I am also VP of Recruitment for my sorority and it is rush season, so it has definitely been challenging balancing all of this along with my course work.

Jessica: What have you learned throughout this whole experience?

Kaity: Through this whole experience I have learned how important it is to create relationships on campus! Over the years I have met so many people and I think it’s so incredible to see how many people have been donating and supporting me.

Jessica: What was your favorite part about this whole process?

Kaity: My favorite part of this whole experience is being able to represent my sorority in such a positive way. In the past Nu Sig was extremely involved in this philanthropy event and I am so excited to be nominated to represent us for the first time since we have been reinstated.

Jessica: Who has supported you the most?

Kaity: My biggest supporters have definitely been my sorority sisters and our incredible alumnae network. Each of my sisters have been totally going out of their way to promote me and have been reaching out to their friends and family. I totally couldn’t have done any of this without them, they are my greatest support system always and I am so thankful to be part of such an incredible sisterhood.

Jessica: Why is the American Cancer Society important to you?

Kaity: The American Cancer Society is important to me not only because it is our chapter’s philanthropy but because cancer has impacted so many people who are close to me. I lost my aunt a few years ago to pancreatic cancer and I have many sisters who have had family members suffer from this horrible disease. Nu Sigma Chi also has a ton of alumnae who have fought or are currently fighting cancer and raising this money means that we are helping to make a difference.

Jessica: Did you expect to be raising so much?

Kaity: I really only expected to raise maybe one or two hundred dollars, I want to keep where we are at as a secret but I am excited to say we have exceeded our expectations.

Jessica: Advertising for homecoming queen is so important, did any of your friends advertise you in a crazy way?

Kaity: Advertising is so important! My friends and I have been posting a graphic all over social media. Some of my friends even made a poster with my venmo username to hold up at the homecoming game!

Special thanks to Kaity for taking the time out of her busy schedule to make this interview happen, and best of luck when the results come out!

The results will be announced for homecoming king and queen Friday, September 22nd.

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