AP in NY?

Will AP soon be running with the Giants rather than from them?
As the offseason is underway for the NFL, teams are clearing cap space, pursuing free agents and are in the midst of trade talks. Every offseason for football, players are cut from the active roster. This is because the cap hit certain players have is too high for their teams to handle. That is unique to some other sports because football does not have guaranteed contracts.

This past season the New York football Giants had a great year, going 11-5, and making the playoffs for the first time since their Super Bowl victory in the 2011-2012 season. This season they looked wonderful on the field after spending millions on the defensive side of the ball, which finished 10th overall in yards allowed. In the passing game with OBJ, rookie Sterling Shephard, a returning Victor Cruz, and Eli Manning at the helm the Giants had a middle of the pack season through the air. The big issue for the Giants, though, was their run game, which ranked 29th at the end of the season. Finding a running back is the only area that needs to be addressed this offseason for the Giants to once again be legitimate Super Bowl contenders, and that answer may be available sometime soon.

Veteran running back, and future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson may be hitting the open market this offseason, as the Minnesota Vikings may be cutting the face of their franchise to save some cap room. Coming off of a season, which Peterson missed almost all of, due to a meniscus tear, and his upcoming 17 million dollar cap hit may be too much for the Vikings to handle. If Peterson is cut could he end up in a Giant uniform this upcoming season?

The New York Giants so far this offseason have freed up a good amount of cap space by cutting Victor Cruz, and others, was that to make room for Peterson? The match would be a good one, because the 32-year-old running back isn’t expecting to be a three-down back anymore, and the Giants have Paul Perkins who was a rookie this season, and showed signs of a bright future, but not quite there yet. The youngster could learn from one of the greatest backs of all time, and the Giants could fill up a void, and compete for a title.

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