Are the Boston Red Sox concerned about the future of their organization?

When Dave Dombrowski came to the Red Sox in 2015, he did what he does best as a general manager, and that’s trade for the big name players. At the time trading for big-name players was precisely what the Red Sox needed considering they had a team that could win it all they just needed a few more pieces to succeed. So in the offseason of 2016, Dombrowski traded big-name prospects such as Micheal Kopech and Yoan Moncada for lefty ace Chris Sale. Dave Dombrowski also went on to trade away prospects for a few more players by the names of  Craig Kimbrel, Nathan Eovaldi, Steve Pearce, and Ian Kinsler. All of the players Dombrowski traded for played a key role in winning the Red Sox the 2018 World Series but did it come at the cost of the future of the Boston Red Sox organization?

If you don’t believe me that the Red Sox future doesn’t look as bright as it did before here’s a crazy stat to consider. The Red Sox minor league farm system after the 2015 season was ranked in the top 5 and now sits in 24th place which is scary considering the Yankees have a 2nd placed minor league farm system. Now I’m not saying the Red Sox are doomed they can always trade and draft for new upcoming players, but as of right now they’re at a disadvantage for the future.

Considering Red Sox minor league system is not ranked as high as it was once before some positives are coming from the Red Sox minor league system so far to start the Red Sox spring training, and they are prospects Michael Chavis and Bobby Dalbec.

Let’s start with Michael Chavis who was drafted in the first round by the Boston Red Sox as a third baseman and is an absolute stud! Chavis switched time between Red Sox minor league teams last season, but he spent most of his 2018 season with the Double-A Portland Sea Dogs where he had an average of .303  with six homers in only 122 at-bats. Chavis has not slowed down since last season where this spring you could argue he has had an MVP caliber spring training so far. In five games this spring Chavis has a batting average of .400 and three homers! Despite the hot start in spring training for Micheal Chavis, it’s unlikely he will see major league at-bats this year considering there is another young stud playing his position Rafael Devers who also helped the Red Sox win a World Series. Not making it to the big leagues this year is not a massive deal for Chavis who missed a good amount of time last year because of an 80 game suspension for positive PED usage so spending some more time in the minors is the right decision for Chavis. One thing is for sure though if Michael Chavis keeps performing the Red Sox will have to find a spot for him in the majors.

Next is Bobby Dalbec who is another third baseman drafted by the Red Sox in 2016 in the 4th round.  Bobby Dalbec may not have as much talent yet as Michael Chavis does, but he certainly has power for a 6 foot 4 225 pound guy. Last year while splitting time with Red Sox single A and Double-A teams Dalbec smashed 32 homers with 109 RBI’S. With that type of power, Bobby Dalbec could undoubtedly find a spot onto the Boston Red Sox major league roster. Now Bobby hasn’t hit any homers during grapefruit league play this spring training, but he did smash a homer to deep center against Northeastern University to start this spring showing off the type of power he has. Even though Dalbec hasn’t hit any homers during the grapefruit league yet, he has had an excellent spring training so far with a batting average of .429.  Bobby Dalbec is for sure an upcoming star that should stay on the Red Sox radar.

So there is no need to worry with talents such as Michael Chavis and Bobby Dalbec right Sox fans?

In my opinion Red Sox fans, there is no need to worry about the future of this baseball organization. Despite having a minor league system that is not as stacked with stars as some other baseball clubs the Red Sox still have time to build their minor league teams with talent considering how young their major league team is. The Red Sox still have young talent on their major league team such as Andrew Benintendi, Mookie Betts, Rafael Devers, and Xander Bogaerts who have shown they’re capable of winning now. So no need to panic Sox fans with time to rebuild the minor league system the Red Sox will add top prospects to join talent like Michael Chavis and Bobby Dalbec to improve this baseball organizations future.

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