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First off, I will not spoil anything from Endgame in the first part of this article, so if you just want to read a bit about a general reaction to the film feel free to stick with me, for now.

My reaction to this movie summed up in one word would be: WOW.

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The gif above is essentially what I looked like for the last hour of the movie. There were so many storylines that needed to be tied up by the end of this movie that there was nonstop action throughout. We got a look at the aftermath of the Thanos finger snap, that changed the world right after the battle and a bit down the road.

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We were shown how it impacted the world and the superheroes that failed to save it. Even the strongest of the Avengers could not handle what had happened and struggled to move on.

Once the remaining Avengers teamed up, that is when everything started to come together and things started to happen. The writing for this film was simply immaculate and the storylines that I eluded to earlier were tied up in a tear-jerking manner.

The majority of the actors in this film have been working towards this Endgame film for the better part of a decade and their performances showed how strong their chemistry is after working together for so long.

Captain America and Iron Man, played by Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are the unquestioned leaders of this film series and the strained relationship they developed in Captain America: Civil War went untouched during Infinity War. During Endgame, these two were together again and we saw just how deep the wounds of their relationship went and the actors made that anger seem truly real.

Thor, who is portrayed by Chris Hemsworth had the best shot of killing Thanos before he snapped his fingers, changing the world as we knew it. Thor mentioned in Infinity War that he had never been defeated. So, I was interested to see how the King of Asgard would deal with his first true failure and well, let’s just say Hemsworth was able to truly show how hard it is, even for a God, to handle defeat.

The rest of the cast had arguably their best performances in this movie, but the three I mentioned above really stood out to me.

As I said earlier, the writing was amazing. The team that made this movie found a way to keep us on the edge of our seats, working in different angles from past films to tie everything together. The film focused mainly on the original Avengers but worked Ant-Man, Nebula, and Rocket into important roles, and they helped make the execution of this film worth the year-long wait.

Overall, I loved this movie and it really did a great job of putting the story of the Avengers to bed, but I do have a few gripes that I will discuss in my spoiler section of this article.

Spoilers Below Spoilers Below!!!

Alright, now it is time for me to dive into the movie for real. First off, SHIT GOES DOWN in this movie.

I am not going to do a play-by-play review of the movie, but I am going to touch on a few jaw-dropping moments, a few things that I loved, and a few things I am still confused about.

The Good

To start, we see the remaining Avengers fresh off of defeat a few weeks after the battle and Stark was returned home with the help of Captain Marvel. It is here that we see just how hurt the team was, Stark has given up all hope and is broken by the loss. Captain America and Black Widow are trying to remain positive while Thor is clearly still shocked that he couldn’t finish the job.

The team is just distraught and it was hard to watch. Next thing you know we learn that Thanos destroyed the Infinity Stones and after beheading him, the team lost all hope.

I was shocked to see they decided to jump ahead five years, but I do understand the necessity. The Avengers have suffered defeat before, but they always turn it around. This time though, there was no fixing what had happened, so even though we knew they would find a way to win in the long run, it was important to see that Thanos’ victory would leave an indelible mark in the history of the world even if the team found a way to win in the end.

I LOVED the decision to do time travel, even though it is a risky endeavor because it is hard to not mess up overall timelines, even if you are as careful as the directors were in this film. It was cool to see Stark and Cap sneak around in 2012 after they beat Loki. They now had the knowledge that Hydra still existed and actually used it to their advantage.

Also, how could you not love a Captain America vs Captain America battle, I mean that was AWESOME. It was really cool to see Stark and Cap travel to 1970 where Stark got to see just how much his dad loved him and Cap got to see his beloved Peggy, if only for a moment.

Finally, the fight scene to end the movie was arguably the best scene I have ever seen. We got to see the Big Three in Thor, Cap, and Iron Man take on Thanos, CAPTAIN AMERICA PICKED UP THORS HAMMER, and everyone that was eliminated by the snap came back at just the right moment to kick some ass.

The Bad

Now, there was not much to complain about here, but there are a few things I have to touch on. The most important being a fat Thor, I mean come on that just wasn’t right.

It is hard to see Thor, who the Guardians were collectively drooling over, look like a Texas hillbilly, and they never let him return to his God-like physique, which I think was a mistake.

Next, I must say I am sad that Stark was the one who made the ultimate sacrifice to end the battle once and for all. I knew either him or Captain America had to fall in this film to complete their character arc, but it would have been a nicer ending if Cap was the one to die.

Now look, it makes all the sense in the world for Tony to die, he was willing to die in the Original Avengers to save the world and he was unwilling to rest until he knew Earth was safe. So, it was only fair to let him be the one to save Earth once and for all.

Captain America is my favorite superhero, so seeing him survive was a relief, but he had the least to lose and he was the tactical leader of this group. He had shown in the past his willingness to put others ahead of him and this was a situation where he should’ve done it again so Stark could enjoy the family he cherished so much.

The Confusing

This film was executed almost perfectly, but there are a few confusing pieces that developed because of the time travel. In the film, they discussed how time travel wouldn’t affect the future, but it has to a little bit.

At the end of the film, we see that Captain America returned all of the Infinity stones, as he needed to, but he also stuck around, got old, and married Peggy.

How can that not affect the future? In past films, we learn that Peggy got married and had kids. We also know that Cap was found in an ice capsule, so we are just supposed to accept the fact that Peggy Carter’s family tree changing affects nothing and that Captain America gets old, but he still gets stuck in an ice capsule for 70 years? I need more information.

Also, Cap returns all of the stones, but how does he return the soul stone and what was his encounter with Red Skull like? That is a serious question that wasn’t addressed. I loved this movie and can’t wait to see it again, but these are two big storylines that I have not wrapped my head around.

Bottom line, Endgame was not a disappointment.

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