Back To Our Roots Pasa ’17

Cortland Pasa 2017 was the most iconic fashion show on Cortland’s campus. On March 4th,  Cortland showcased a fashion show where designers from all over from the Bronx to Syracuse, to display their work. Cortland PASA (Pan African Student Association) is a club here on campus with an intent of raising awareness about African countries and communities. The development of African clothing is hard to trace because of the lack of the historical evidence. Every year, they host a fashion show to put on a show of how African clothing are worn and how they are designed. This year would have to be one of the best.

I, myself, participated in the show. I was one of the models that was able to showcase all 4 of the designers’ work. All of the models had to be at the venue early in the morning to practice and prepare for the show. The venue was set up a certain way where there was an actual runway stage in the middle of the whole room. PASA would have to be the only club to use an actual runway stage for their fashion shows. Lights were everywhere, chairs were everywhere, and people from all over were definitely there.

First Scene from Cortland ’17

It was finally showtime and it was time for everyone to take their seats to enjoy the show. The opening remarks came from the advisor of PASA which was Dr. Seth Asumah. He explained how PASA came about and explained their importance on campus. After he spoke, a poem was recited by Jocenelle Alcime. She spoke about the MotherLand and she also incorporated some of her singing.

The first scene for the models was to showcase one of the designers’ work. The designer was from Queens and he is a NYC based fashion designer. His name is Osayame Uzamere. Being on that stage, I felt honored wearing one of his designs because his work was beautiful. You could tell that he was passionate about his work and that he actually puts in effort.

Third scene from Cortland Pasa ’17

The second scene was a little different. This time the designer was a female and her work was amazing too. I was wearing pants, but it didn’t look like pants. It looked like a dress but it really transformed into pants.

The third scene would have to be my favorite scene because I wasn’t wearing a long gown this time. I had the chance to actually walk in a dress where I wasn’t worried about falling on stage. This designer was a male this time and also is from the Bronx. I was wearing a black bodycon dress and it had rose petals on the top.

Last scene from Cortland Pasa ’17

The last scene was honestly the best scene to me. It was a great way to end the show. Everyone looked way different from each other but it came together and looked really nice. I wore a long black gown with African print at the end of the trail. It was actually easy for me to walk in the dress because the material was flexible. Overall, the show came together beautifully and it was a great experience working with different people and coming together as one to put on a beautiful show.



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