Barstool Sports vs. Michael Rapaport-What Happened?

Not exactly what you would want from an employee, straight up bashing the fans of the company he works for. But, that’s exactly what confirmed crazy person, Michael Rapaport did last night as we saw a man lose his mind, in real time over a computer/phone screen. A little background on this whole situation is as follows, Michael Rapaport was hired by Barstool Sports in attempt to further grow their already growing audience by reaching a broader audience due to his stardom. The only problem with the hire was, Michael Rapaport is the WORST. He thought he was better than Barstool, all he would try to do was start shit with his new employees, that was until Adam “Smitty” Smith stood up to the movie star and began a mission to prove to the world, what a fraud Michael Rapaport was. Apparently Rapaport owes Smitty $2,000 because of Fantasy Football, and Rapaport was accusing Smitty of juicing before his Rough N Rowdy fight, so when Rapaport wouldn’t shut up, Smitty snapped. And, oh boy was that bad news for Rap.Β Smitty has had himself a month in February. To start off his precious Eagles won their first Super Bowl ever, then he won the Main Event of Rough N Rowdy 2 against $20 Chef Shaun Lathem, and to finish it off he successfully finished his crusade to prove the hack, fraud that is Michael Rapaport.

It was all fun and games until Rapaport went after the Stoolies, then it was game on. Rapaport is responsible for something that has never been done in the 15+ year history of Barstool, he united all of Barstool. Throughout the years it has always been about the in house fights for Barstool, whether it be Dave vs. KFC, Smitty vs. Dave, Nate vs. Smitty, so on and so forth, Barstool has always been divided in it’s fights, until last night. Michael Rapaport opened Pandora’s Box, and was not ready for what came out of it. Robbie Fox put it best, it was like The Avengers, the whole movie they all fight each other until they all have a common goal, once they realize that, they could not be stopped.

Hey Rap, do you even know who Frannie Lydon is? What about Weird Haircut Seth? How ’bout Pirate Simon? Did you know Feits had a drunken sex with a 50 year old lady in New Orleans? Where were you when Dave said Tom Brady’s kid had a big dick? NOWHERE THAT’S WHERE. He clearly did not do his research before deciding to piss of all of Barstool and the Stoolies, because once the Stoolies don’t like you, they’re like ravenous dogs that won’t stop until you are dead, and Mikey boy found that out the hard way last night. Not only were the Stoolies going at his neck but Barstool’s employees also took a crack at Rap. It’s a shame Barstool had to lose their Editor and Chief because of this debacle, as Kmarko will be serving 25 to life because of the murder he committed last night.

YIKES. Lesson #1 of Barstool do not make Kmarko angry. He may not say much, but unless you want to be murdered, keep Keith on your side. Kmarko was the start of the Barstool Employee onslaught. Pretty much every blogger did their very best to shit on Michael Rapaport, everyone from the top guys like KFC and Big Cat all the way down to intern; “Alarmingly Stupid” Tom.

Rapaport wanted to get dirty, but he must’ve forgotten, Barstool lives in mud.

GAZ FROM THE CLOUDS!!!!! Throwin’ down the gauntlet I love it!

Now this one was just mean. I’m as big of a Stoolie as there is, but this gem from Chapsy was just ugly.

KFC decided to get in the mud and start slinging some Rap’s way by congratulating Kmarko on his successful homicide.

WOAH. It just got incredibly real. Rapaport took it personal, how would KFC respond?

BOOM ROASTED. KFC just spitting facts right back to Rapaport, and this put an end to Big Cat playing “Middle Man Dan” for the night as responded with this after Rapaport took it personal.

Brought a tear to my eye. The old KFC Radio crew rides again to take down the scum of the Earth that is Michael Rapaport! However, through all of this there was a voice missing, the silence was deafening, who is this voice and where could he be?

That’s right through all of the drama that occured last night, Dave Portnoy aka Davey Pageviews aka El Pres was nowhere to be found. Where was our fearless leader? The guy who started this Pirate Ship almost 20 years ago selling papers, Brick by Brick, Salt of the Earth was nowhere to be found as his entire company was united against the pale, herpes filled face of Michael Rapaport. But, don’t fret because the next morning, El Pres dropped the bomb that we all needed when he woke up and performed maybe the greatest Emergency Press Conference of all time.

But, I will give credit where credit is due, Michael Rapaport posted his own Emergency Press Conference from the main Barstool Sports twitter account. Can’t give him too much credit though, as Portnoy proceeded to body bag Rapaport once more.

To think this whole fight started over something as stupid as Rapaport going after Smitty to admit to something HE ALREADY ADMITTED TO, and Rapaport not paying Smitty the $2,000 he owes him despite being a millionaire is absolutely wild. This video of Smitty perfectly explains the feeling of everyone who enjoys Barstool once Rapaport was fired.

Barstool had to take a pit stop to bury Michael Rapaport 6 feet under, now back to the moon. #VIVA




PS-The person who came out of this the worst was actually Ian Rapoport. It’s a tough look to get fired from a job you never even had.



  1. Jason

    Jesus, could this have been a barstool fan-boy opinion piece any more than you wrote it up to be? I need a fucking shower, felt like i just walked in on my little brother jacking off to the leprechaun on a box of lucky charms.

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