Beak and Skiff Apple Orchard

For many Central, NY residents a popular outing in the Fall is a trip to Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards located in Lafayette, NY. Beak and Skiff has evolved into a popular tourist attraction that appeals to all ages making it even more successful.

6 Things To Check Out

  1. Stop at the cafe for lunch
  2. Grab a cider donut from the bake shop
  3. Head up to the 1911 Tasting Room
  4. Take the tractor to the orchards
  5. The kid’s zone and pony rides
  6. Finish up at the Apple Hill Country Store

Take the Scenic Route


You know you have arrived at Apple Hill when you see the big red 1911 barn sitting perfectly on the  hillside. As you get closer you will smell the sweet aroma of cider donuts. Follow the scent of Fall into the cafe where you will find a generous selection of food options from chili to Syracuse’s popular Hoffman hot dogs and coneys. In addition to beverages you have the option to taste Beak and Skiff’s signature hard ciders on tap. After you finish up you can head over to the bake shop to find their famous hot cider donuts for just $1.00. If that’s not your cup of tea (they have that too) then you will be sure to love their homemade desserts. If you want to get a taste of what Beak and Skiff’s all about take a free tractor ride through the orchards to check out the featured apple of the week.
There you will find seemingly endless rows of full apple trees. Some apples you may find during the season are Red Delicious, Honey Crisp, Empire, McIntosh, and Cortland apples. Nestled back in the orchards is the kid’s zone where you will find a playground and the famous pony rides. After a long day head over to the 1911 Tasting Room where you can enjoy your favorite drink out on one of the patios overlooking Apple Hill.

Additionally, you can visit the distillery to learn more about how it’s produced. Inside you will find not only hard cider options but also their apple wine, vodka, and gin.

Last, but certainly not least, you can visit the original Apple Hill Country Store. They have everything from apple cider, local NY cheese, honey, fudge, and just about anything apple you can think of. If you don’t have time to pick your own apples you can head up to the apple barn where you can find bags of apples picked by Beak and Skiff staff that are ready to take home. You can visit their website to learn more or take a trip up to see it yourself.


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