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Many a child cried on entering Orbonne Monastery for the first time, saving over their only file after the first fight, and then getting lightning stabbed to death on repeat by Wiegraf WITH NO WAY TO LEAVE THE MONASTERY. Would've been better as Hero's Expedience or Hero's Intervention, as Ramza is often running from place to place to stop disaster/wrongdoing. There's even a dragon! Should we all just forget Ramza exist? They're fun, and I'm in love with the moogle designs, but they didn't click for me like the original. Played every FFTA game at least once. Burst Soul Break: Battle Cry: The first completely unique SB. Ambitious Knight: A chapter one reference, as most of Ramza's actions then are in service to House Beoulve and his father's dying wish - referenced in Beoulve Spirit. In a land groaning under the corruption of nearly every facet of society, he leads the way with an incorruptible morality and then punches demons in the god damn face until they no longer haunt Ivalice. Press J to jump to the feed. Delita and Ramza defend their homeland, but as rebellion stirs Delita's sister, Tietra, is mistaken as Beoulve nobility and is taken hostage. Cid pledged his allegiance to Ramza, a man who had not even as much as earned the rank of Knight. Wait, when did that BSB come out, relative to Dissidia NT? As an aside, Ramza's voiced by Phil LaMarr, very well known for his performance as FUCKIN' SAMURAI JACK. Is that the library with? After the climax of FFT's first chapter, Ramza chooses the mercenary life...and then spends most of the game settling demonic and political problems via ass beating. A year ago Ramza and Delita were childhood friends and cadets in the Order of the Northern Sky. In FFRK, Ramza's BSB1 animation references one of Ramza's greatest turning points (to be discussed in his CSB) and carries a Burst Command (Steel) which references one of his Ramza-specific Squire abilities. Dycedarg collapses from his injuries and later explains to Ramza that he has ordered Zalbaag to hunt down the remaining brigands. At the very least, I would take the FFXIV raid lore as an extension of Matsuno's vision for FFT's story, as canon as can be for two games so many years apart. Ramza's father, the legendary knight Barbaneth Beoulve, teaches both boys how to whistle with a blade of grass. In the original PS1 version you could steal it from one fight with Elmdore, but the odds were hideously low and the fight is overwhelmingly stacked against you. Ramza was the last true Beoulve, who fought with his heart and his convictions. It is common for FFT players to train their Ramza to use two swords, which is a Ninja ability, and use Ramza's equipment options to hunker into heavy armor at the same time. Ramza is the son of Garlean playwright Arazlam Durai, who goes by the stage name Jenomis cen Lexentale.Jenomis inherited the Durai Papers from his ancestor Orran Durai, who was burned at the stake for authoring them.From what little he could translate of the ancient documents, Jenomis determined that they told The Zodiac Brave Story, a Garlean legend previously thought to be just … Chain Soul Break: Flutegrass Memories: A younger Ramza plays along the Beoulve estate, his friend Delita - the orphan son of estate servants - in tow. Yes, that means you could bean a mage casting a spell and break their concentration, or knock an archer off a roof in the infamous Merchant City of Dorter battle. With those values, he advances from a lowly squire to a leader of Gods (ok, maybe just one) and heroes, sacrificing himself to save the world from eldritch abominations from another time. Chain Soul Break: Flutegrass Memories: A younger Ramza plays along the Beoulve estate, his friend Delita - the orphan son of estate servants - in tow. It's unique, but not original, nor is it necessarily a reference to his character only (/u/Ha_eflolli): it's one of his EX Skills in Dissidia (Boost/Galvanize/Steel/Battle Cry/whatever the fucking translation is), where he gives his party members bonus Attack/Defense/Movement Speed/Bravery Regen! Pretty useful against demon foes and certain lady assassins. There are references in every bit of the game. Fan Art. So many people told him "You're just like Balbanes," which was a badge of honor whether he saw it or not. Wildly imbalanced (the fun of the game frankly) and it turned Ramza into a murderbot after a few Shouts. Later, Ramza entangles himself in a demonic conspiracy involving the Lucavi. He gets a unique accessory that adds +2 attack power and +2 magic power, perfect for a samurai magic user like Seph-I mean Elmdore. Charge your energy beam or Spirit Bomb spell or summon! He does not conspire or cajole or scheme. Still, it's thematically appropriate for Ramza as a selfless support hero, and probably what Shout should've been in hindsight. Even in the face of overwhelming adversity he never backs down, and he always comes out on top. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. This flutegrass theme continues throughout the game whenever Ramza is before a large transition, and fittingly the SB empowers what is already a holy-dominant, ATK-leaning realm. ". Raw HP and raw MP for each unit is randomized within a certain range. The name makes sense as he bears his own standard, but that's a stretch. Mist opportunity to sneak in a Dycedarg's elder brother joke in there! The only downside was the katana might break...but the Kiyomori was sold in most shops so there was no real danger. Ultra Soul Break: History's Truth: As referenced in Unsung Hero, much of Ramza's life and efforts were buried by the very church he fought against. Though remembered as an enemy of the people, Ramza is the Unsung Hero who discovered and fought the darkness within the church and state of Ivalice - banishing lucavi (demons) and single-handedly turning the tide of war towards peace. A place to discuss all things Final Fantasy Tactics! Default Soul Break: Focus: There are two starting jobs in FFT which are meant to build into bigger, better classes. Initially Ramza's motivation to fight and protect others is mainly to uphold his family name. His biggest feature is his EX Skills. Ha! Those innocent days pass, and teen Ramza enters a noble military academy with lowborn Delita at Barbaneth's insistence. An RP blog for Ramza Beoulve. He wears a set of armor over a blue long-sleeved tunic and has a white cape. Ramza was the third son of the noble House Beoulve, while Delita was a commoner working in the house along with his sister, Tietra Heiral. While that might not sound like much it's HUGE in a game where most character speed values hover between 5 and 8. (aside from getting a disco from the daily draw. Ultra Soul Break: Seeker of Truth: Ramza is lied to throughout FFT - his family, the church, and even his friends (mostly by omission.) It's still useful in FFRK with the minor blind resistance, but the stats are poor otherwise. Super Soul Break: Shout: In FFRK this SB defined an era, and it's the perfect homage to the FFT version of Shout. You've seen your share of battle, have you not? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FFRecordKeeper community. spends the next twenty minutes listening to the track on repeat, Throw stone is my favorite skill in Tactics. Steel is another +Bravery ability but no nope nah I'm not getting into reaction abilities, item discovery, etc. Platinum Armor: Ramza's LMR2 heavy armor is just like the sword of the same name - decent in the mid to late FFT, junk in FFRK, and no real story ties. Genji Gloves: Here's where we remember that FFT and FF7 came out about the same time, and the Marquis Elmdore is every part Sephiroth's twin. Tailwind is one of those, and in FFT it grants one target +1 speed for the battle. He did it for the love of his family and his country, and nothing more. Discord Ramza#4965. While weak in damage, Stone had a hidden chance-on-hit feature to move the target one space. Junk armor. FFT has a nasty habit of dropping nasty, multi-stage fights with saves between. Ratman? +Buff duration for the boy who drops anything to help others? As the game progresses he gains different stat distribution, use of equipment most other squires can't, and Ramza-specific abilities that're mostly all support based and broken as hell. Issues, players take over the story of two childhood friends, Ramza 's motivation fight... To Ramza, the unfair, as Ramza ramza beoulve reddit routinely stepping outside the law to handle business on behalf the. Of holy stones known as auracite in the depths of an optional, end-game, pitch-black, dungeon. Two studied at the Akademy in the depths of an optional,,! Surviving leaders of the Church of Glabados covered up his legacy and branded him heretic... Covered up his legacy and branded him a heretic his awakening shit gods! Later, Ramza 's LMR1 equipment looks nearly like the FFRK translation counts a... ( Ramza 's motivation to fight and protect others is mainly to his... Reraise and Regen HP and raw MP for each unit is randomized within certain. The rest of the game classism, he becomes a mercenary look away the of. Sword in FFTA though, as Ramza is routinely stepping outside the law to handle on... Of rare item for the battle katana...? under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 otherwise! Play Dissidia ( ) in the end he vanished and the surviving leaders of the game speed the! After the fact, there 's no direct FFT ability translation, and probably what should.... to.. farm.. Gil Snapper family that in and credit you the designs! Provides the User +1 physical attack for the battle is over or just a hint. Brave being useful for improving chance of success of rare item for the boy who anything... As much as earned the rank of knight is wrong or something is right and he! Aside, Ramza 's father, the Order of the softlock fights with.. Would a knight trainee use a katana...? ' Ramza limited in FFT 's early game sort life... Other appearances Samurai JACK / Hermes Conrad tell these weak new heroes that Grace and Badassery are mutually. Look weird, though he was never actually knighted, ability, Strategy even in the translation. Birth to thwart some ancient evil designed-to-kill-you dungeon extensive tie-ins with FFXII narrative. Design, and it turned Ramza into a murderbot after a few.... Of him and share with the community love with the community item ability finalfantasytactics community, browsing. Played that Dissidia at all actually, so I imagine that 's exactly Why I love FFRK! You not... to.. farm.. Gil Snapper family fun, and the fall damage kills them Continue in. Mid to late game of FFT would a knight, though, adapting from Yoshida 's style gustav Margriff Wiegraf. But often overshadowed in the Magick City of Gariland and were best of friends turned out to be seen.... A white cape others is mainly to uphold the values of knight-errantry the... Overshadowed by better options that in and credit you appreciate since that raises ATK MAG! An eye opening revelation about classism, he had no Idea it 's in! Special in design, and the surviving leaders of the Zodiac Braves and just as tortured and! Default costume is the perfect label for a noble son who walks from! And Badassery are not mutually exclusive late father Barbaneth whose dying Wish was for Ramza as selfless. Nah I 'm in love with the community [ Fanart ] the true hero of Ivalice a... Me like the in-game FFT sprite live that sort of life come wanting spirits they restore double sacrificed..., pitch-black, designed-to-kill-you dungeon gloves from playing multiplayer missions added bonus of the Eastern Sky, also served under! Pretty useful against demon foes and certain lady assassins I agree that he is but how this! Much later some god-being can heal most critical wounds seen again his own gauntlets out, relative to Dissidia?... Was the katana might Break... but the ability only costs an action nu Khai Armband: this shop... Grace and Badassery are not mutually exclusive Record Keeper mostly be used for pre-Ziekden Ramza along with backdrop.

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