Beyonce Is Pregnant With Twins And I Really Don’t Care

I love Beyonce. Lemonade still gets some air time on drives and when ‘Best Thing I Never Had” comes on you better get cozy because this guy puts on a performance of a lifetime (free for now but my agents are negotiating). 

I just can’t seem to find a care in the world for this. Maybe it’s because I’m 22 and thought of having one child, better yet having two more on top of Blue Ivy (that equals three kids, put that calculator away), sends me running for the hills. Maybe it’s because every day I log onto Facebook, I see someone from high school posting that they’re pregnant and ask myself “why does everyone need to be alerted of this?”. Maybe it’s because I just hate kids.

Whatever the reason is, the fact that Queen Bey is having twins doesn’t move the needle for me. If she came out with a new song, dropped a line in there that she’s having twins and set the internet ablaze then I would be on board. On a serious note, how long do you think this photo shoot took? I can’t imagine having a photo shoot just to show people that I was pregnant. If people on Facebook took this much time and effort to announce they were pregnant maybe I wouldn’t hate it so much. 

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