Beyonce Rocks VMA’s

There’s Beyoncé and then there’s every other person who decided to make music their career.

Queen Bey rocked the VMA stage Sunday at the legendary Madison Square Garden performing damn near her WHOLE Lemonade album for the set.

Nobody came for the awards, let’s be real here. They heard Kanye was getting four minutes to do whatever the hell it is Kanye feels like doing (if you bet the over, congrats) and they heard Beyoncé was performing.

What more could you possibly ask for?

She started off the performance by doing “Pray You Catch Me.” That’s too slow of a tune for me. I immediately thought this was going to be one of those VMA performances. You know, the ones where the artists play really impactful songs and the crowd has no clue whether to boo to it or just stand there looking indifferent.

Turns out Queen Bey slow plays her poker hands. The real party started soon after.

She then went into “Hold Up” and “Sorry” (this is where my attention fully got locked in).

When Bey starts doing this kind of song you could punch me in the face and my attention still would still be focused on the Queen. The two tracks are wild, showcasing a psycho version of her that we rarely see. These are songs where when you ask your mother if you can play some Beyoncé in the car and 60 seconds later she looks at you in pure fear after hearing what is playing through her aux chord.

People say she’s a scary human being. Her mannerisms, the way she looks or whatever “else” it may be. At this point, I can agree with them. I mean for goodness sake she broke MTV’s camera with a baseball bat.

This whole album was presumably about Jay-Z allegedly cheating on her, which no sane person can fathom. Just think to yourself about any human being, guy or girl, that you’d cheat on with while being married to her. If you name any you’re wrong. Playing these songs live for the whole world to see had to have Hov sick. I know this whole thing about him cheating was fake and an obvious ploy to get people to subscribe to Tidal (guilty) but still. You don’t think he saw her afterwards and whispered  “We good, right?” into her ear?

She ended with the hit “Formation”. Yes, the song that was played at the Super Bowl halftime show that sent everyone into a frenzy for a whole two days. Remember this?

Yeah, she closed out the VMA’s with that song.

There is nobody in this entire universe who’s touching Beyoncé artistry right now. Period. Full-stop. The way the entire collective social media world stops whenever Beyoncé performs doesn’t happen for anyone else (Well, maybe Kanye, but people just love to hate him.) You can’t really hate Beyoncé. She doesn’t do anything besides make hits, put on jaw-dropping performances, marry arguably the greatest rapper ever and have a beautiful child. She stays out of trouble in a time where that seems to be a hard thing to do for most A-list celebrities.

There is nobody on this planet that is touching her in the music realm. So thank you, Queen Bey. Also if Jay-Z did cheat on you, I have a good career ahead of me, I’m good looking and I’m single. Just throwing that out there.

Any last words…