Breaking Down The Biggest Day Of The Year: December 15th

December 15th is a huge day in the world of sports, movies, and music. On December 15th Mike Francesa will host his last show on WFAN, Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi hits the theatres, Eminem drops his long-awaited album “Revival”, Barstool Sports presents: Rough ‘N Rowdy, with the main event of “Handsome” Hank Lockwood vs. “The Bandera Butthole” Dylan “Tex” Stone.

Mike Francesa’s Final Show

Mike Francesa has been running New York sports talk radio for 30 YEEEEAAAAHHHHHSSSS uh-kay? Mike Francesa is New York sports, it doesn’t matter what team you are a fan of, Mike is always good to go on a rant about them. Love him or hate him, sports talk radio will not be the same without Numah One; Mike Francesa. From making sure we know Andy Pettitte is a staring pitcher, to telling callers to GET LAWST, Mike Francesa will forever be ingrained in New York sports. My words do Mike no justice so here is a video of Mike Francesa’s best moments.

Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi

Star Wars is the greatest movie franchise of all time. Period. Come Friday, December 15th the newest installment will be in theatres. Star Wars came back with a bang in 2015 with “Episode 7: The Force Awakens”, fans rejoiced as it was a well written movie with interesting new characters, and did not receive backlash like the prequels did before it. With the “The Last Jedi” being the second movie of a trilogy, many are expecting it to be “The Empire Strikes Back” of the new trilogy. Those are some big shoes to fill, but via Robbie Fox from Barstool Sports, who had a chance to see the movie before it was officially released in theatres, “The Last Jedi” lived up to the hype. Hearing a Star Wars nerd like Robbie Fox say that gives me, also a Star Wars nerd, great hope for the upcoming movie. As we know, Rebellions are built on hope.

Eminem’s “Revival” Drops

The news I am personally most excited about on December 15th is the fact that Eminem’s newest album; “Revival” will drop. Slim Shady has not dropped an album since “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”, but a rumor that has been in the works, for what feels like years at this point will finally come to fruition. Eminem played some games with his fans during the announcement of this album. He started by posting ads on his twitter for a new “drug” called Revival, fans new something was up, then Slim finally dropped the bomb that he was officially releasing an album. Since then, Eminem has released to singles from the album in, “Walk on Water” and “Untouchable”. With features from Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, and Alicia Keys, this album has all the potential to be one of the albums of the year. My realistic hopes for this album is that it will be on par with past albums of his such as, Recovery, because his first three albums “The Slim Shady LP”, “The Marshall Mathers LP”, and “The Eminem Show” are all untouchable (pun intended).

Rough N Rowdy: Hank vs Tex

If you are not familiar with Barstool Sports, Barstool went and purchased a boxing company; Rough N Rowdy. This is a boxing league, based in West Virginia, where the fighting is what boxing should be, no dancing around your opponent, no hugging to catch your breath, just fists flying everywhere. Dylan “Tex” Stone, aka “The Bandera Butthole” took place in a fight last year, and got concussed, but he is back for round 2, but this time it becomes personal, as he is fighting mortal enemy and coworker; “Handsome” Hank Lockwood, aka “Hen Ease”. This all started over some office beef, and a simple tweet from Hank asking, “El Pres” Dave Portnoy if he could fight Tex at the first Rough N Rowdy, presented by Barstool Sports.

I’m sure you’ve worked with someone in the past that you’d like to punch in the face, well Hank and Tex are going to have the chance to do that on December 15th. In this fight, Hank has so much more to lose than Tex does. Tex is a confirmed loser already, he lost a boxing match to an intern in the office, and has already lost in a Rough N Rowdy fight, so another lose for the Bandera Butthole would just be another day in the office. But, if Hank loses, there are major repercussions to come. As some may know, Hank produces the #1 sports podcast in the world, Pardon My Take, hosted by Big Cat and PFT. Therefore, Hank has a much higher standing in the company than Tex does, so if Hank were to take an L, perception of Hen Ease might change. Big Cat has already said that if Hank loses, he will cut down to 185 LBS and beat Tex up himself. This is not even mentioning the fact that Hank’s girlfriend; Ria will be in attendance for the fight and has been talking smack on her boyfriend’s behalf. Seeing your boyfriend get knocked out could end a relationship right on the spot, so Hank has a lot on his plate. After all the smack talk who will come out on top? You’ll have to tune in on December 15th to find out.


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