Bring Back Tug of War!

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“One!, Two!, Three!, PULL!”  What’s a game that you probably never expected was considered a sport? Maybe it was once in the Summer Olympics, but now it’s not?  Maybe you’ve wondered what could be a sport that they have discontinued from the Olympics.  Commonly associated with family gatherings, summer camp, and school field days, very few would have ever expected to see this game of merely heavy rope with a flag played in the Olympics.

In the 1900’s, the team event of Tug of War was taking place on the playing fields in the Olympics. Crazy, right?  I would have never expected that to be an event.  Sadly, the sport got booted out of the Olympics in 1920, according to the International Olympic Committee.  Nobody thought it was good enough to be an Olympic sport, since you don’t have to be athletic to play it.  It’s a fun event, and they wanted to take the “fun” out and make it more serious.  But, considering the USA men’s team had won 3 medals in the event, we should bring it back.  A women’s team should be created so everyone can have an opportunity to play.  Some American athletes I would like to see on one of the USA Tug of War team’s would be John Cena, Serena Williams, LeBron James, Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor, etc.  I think these are all strong, very competitive athletes that would best fit in this game.

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Bringing back Tug of War would an exciting new event for fans to watch all over the world.  Some people might say, “No, nobody is going to watch that it’s going to be super boring, it’s going to be like watching little kids fool around”, yet Curling is accepted without question.  I believe Tug of War could also get intense especially if you have two teams in which everybody on the team is built the same way, then the game could be in a stalemate for a long time.  While in High School, the different grades in my school were pitted against each other in the games.  While the upper-classmen, mainly the seniors, always won, it was a great and competitive experience. Even though we were high schoolers and they are Olympic athletes, I believe the intensity of the game was similar.

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Once the game is over, fans may consider…”Wow maybe team USA (or any other country for that matter) has the strongest players or is the strongest country.”  You definitely need a lot of strength, and endurance to play tug of war.  By planting your feet in a certain position on the ground and then having your hands crossed over with another teammate your chances of victory greatly increases. It’s all about strategy in my opinion.  It is a rough sport, you will have to deal with the rope burns and scraping your body on the floor.

  What’s the harm of adding another event to the Olympics? It will just get more people involved.  Who wants to just keep watching the same people play the same exact sport over and over again every time the Olympics take place?  Not me, I get bored of the same thing.  Adding Tug of War and maybe some other sports will be a good change.  The more people involved the better.

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