Can We PLEASE Stop Proposing At Sporting Events?

This guy single handedly took over the internet last night as he almost botched his proposal on national television during the Yankees game. He lost the ring for a few moments but eventually found it and proposed to his girlfriend.

You have to go above and beyond when you propose to your girlfriend. Not only is proposing at a sporting event corny as all hell but it’s been done SO many times before. If you can’t go above and beyond, just do it in private. No girl wants to be surrounded by 30,000 drunk sports fans on one of the most memorable days of her entire life. The guy has to realize that when she’s talking to her friends about if he’ll propose, the LAST thing she wants is having it done at a ball game. As a matter of fact, she might not even mention it because the idea is that corny.

I obviously have no experience in proposing so I can’t give a first hand experience of what works and what doesn’t work. I will tell you that none of my friends or anybody I personally know has done it at a game. I could never do it. For starters, I would never stoop to that level. That is basically the equivalent of asking your friends to go to a party with you because you know the girl you like is going to be there and you can’t talk to her without that safety net. Same thing except YOU’RE ASKING THIS GIRL TO SPEND THE REST OF HER LIFE WITH YOU. Next, there’s no way in hell that you will ever catch me at a game not 1000% focused on the game. I have a bad enough time talking to women so what makes you think I could pop the question when sole focus is if my team is going to win? If she says no, I would never be able to watch that team again. I’d be too scarred. Last, I would have an anxiety attack. That has to be the most nerve wracking moment of a guys life besides getting your first kiss. I’d just go to the mountains where there’s no internet or signs of life for miles because at that moment would I know that nobody is going to see it.

Let’s stop this epidemic. Games are meant to be an escape, not to make one of the biggest decisions of your life. Enjoy the game, knock back a few cold ones and put a couple hundy on it. Don’t ask anyone to marry you.


PS: One of my best friends proposed in front of the Eiffel Tower. I can never let my girlfriend find that out because anything I do will never reach that status.

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