New York Jets Week 12 Likes and Dislikes

I sit down with Nicole Birsner to talk about what we liked and didn’t like from the Jets Week 12 loss to the Patriots. We also give a little of what we’re looking forward to in the Jets Week 13 Monday night matchup against the Colts. 

NFL Week 12 Picks

Lets rip! Straight Up:  Chargers, Titans, Bills, Cardinals, Ravens, Dolphins, Saints, Giants, Seahawks, Raiders, Patriots, Broncos, Eagles. Against the Spread:  Chargers (-1.5), Titans (-5.5), Bills (-7.5), Ravens (-4), Cardinals (+5.5), Dolphins (-7.5), Saints (-7), Browns (+7), Seahawks (-6.5), Raiders (-3.5), Patriots (-8), Broncos (-3.5), Eagles (-4). Best Bets:  Ravens (-4), …

NFL Week 11 Picks

Straight Up: Titans, Lions, Chiefs, Bears, Cardinals, Bills, Cowboys, Steelers, Dolphins, Patriots, Seahawks, Packers, Raiders. Against the Spread: Titans (+3), Lions (-6.5), Buccaneers (+7.5), Bears (+7.5), Cardinals (+2), Bills (+2.5), Ravens (+7), Steelers (-9), Dolphins (-2.5), Patriots (-12.5), Seahawks (-6.5), Packers (+3), Raiders (-6). 6 Point 3 Team Tease: Raiders …

New York Jets Week 8 Likes and Dislikes

(photo courtesy of I sit down with Nicole Birsner to discuss what we liked and disliked from the Jets Week 8 win against the winless Cleveland Browns. It wasn’t pretty but the Jets got the job done.