Cavs Are Down 3-0 and I’m Depressed

I’m raising the white flag. It’s over. With the Warriors up 3-0 over my Cavs, I’m calling it quits. The only way we come back is if Draymond starts kicking people in the nuts again, KD breaks his leg, and Steph Curry turns into Seth Curry.

There’s probably a 1% chance this happens. Whatever. I blame KD entirely. I HATE that dude. I didn’t like LeBron when he went to the Heat, everyone claims it was “good for the league” but here we are. We have a flawed salary cap system with exponential increases in the cap that allow these ridiculous superteams to form. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll elevate the rest of the league to play at an even higher level of basketball. But the precedent, man. These next 10-20 years should be interesting for the NBA.

I also hate when people make the argument that LeBron was the first to do what KD did so it’s justified that KD joined the Warriors. Um, NO!

People seem to forget Durant & Westbrook were up 3-1 on the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals last season and then blew it. You’re telling me this is the same as what LeBron did? He could’ve stayed with the Thunder, built up the bench, and literally OWN the Midwest.

If that’s true, then it’s going to be OK when LeBron joins the Warriors next season, right?


If he did that, I’d go crazy. I’d boycott the NBA like I boycotted the Warriors this year. Talent parity in the NBA is tough to regulate but the players have to have some responsibility for ensuring that forming superteams with your buddies isn’t the only way to win a championship.

This year we had Westbrook undoubtedly prove he’s the MVP. Now people are calling Kevin Durant the best player in the world over LeBron. Imagine if they played on the same team together… hmmm. Wonder how good THAT team would be.

Kevin Durant is the ultimate bandwagoner. I truly believe he was a closet splash brothers fan when he was playing for the Thunder and wanted to finally come out, but just wasn’t sure how. He’s that really good kid in little league that annoys the s*** out of everyone then moves and joins the rival little league that already destroys his first team every time they play. No one likes that kid.

Kevin Durant is so lame. Glad you got your ring bro. Please leave Golden State.



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