CDL Pre New York Power Rankings: The Big Winners Of The New Meta


This season has been one of ups and downs for the infant COD league. This week looks like it will be no different, with massive changes implemented for this week’s event. Activision recently released a patch for the game that has completely turned the meta on its head. A games meta is the lifeblood of competitive sports, Its what gives the framework for players to work within. Competitive COD has always had a very strict meta that players usually follow to the letter. This season has seen an SMG heavy meta with the MP5 being heavily in favor. This season has seen teams only run one AR instead of the standard 2, but all this is set to change with the recent patches. The M4 has seen its stock rise and become a weapon that is worthy of having two dedicated AR players. This will favor AR players that have seen their stock fall this year in the SMG heavy meta.

Florida Mutineer

The biggest surprise of the season so far is the Florida Mutineers after two back to back championships. They are a team that has strived off the old meta and did it with lethal force. The dropping of current Huntsmen and world champion Prestinni was the catalyst to there ascent to dominance. The only question that remains is if they will continue to be dominant in the new meta. We will have to check back in the next event.

Atlanta Faze

Even though the meta has completely changed im not sure the top four teams have changed all too much. This Faze team should still be dominant even after the massive changes. With one of the most flexible squads in the entire CDL, I dont see them having too much of a problem adapting. Priestahh is already showing proficiency with the AUG after absolutely frying Silly on a St. Petrograd scrim.

Chicago Huntsmen

I think the huntsmen are the single greatest benefactor from the meta change. When the Huntsmen team composition was formed it was thought that the meta would be AR heavy and that turned out o be extremely wrong. However, with the resurgence in the viability of the M4 as a slaying weapon this team could be a greater unit. Formal has been the main AR this year which has left Arcitys adrift in-between guns and roles he’s not suited for. Arcitys is not a player you wont to be adrift as he is a world-class talent that can win games by himself. In recent clips, Arcitys is looking to be back to his old ways of dominance and this meta might be the change the Huntsmen were looking for.

Dallas Empire

Dallas is a team that I feel is a team at a crossroads. They haven’t exactly clicked together even after winning events. This meta change is could be the turn they needed to make it click altogether. If they can Dallas will be a scary team with the young guns and the old heads who have won it all. Another interesting aspect coming out of Dallas is the drama with CrimSix. He has been vocal on Twitter over the last week on why the overuse of the GA (Gentlemen’s Agreement) is a problem and why he hasn’t been complying.

New York Subliners

This is not a ranking that I thought would be happening even 2 months ago but NY looks like a different team nowadays. The addition of MackMelts has made this team a well-rounded squad that when they are on they are frying. This team just needs to find a vein of consistency and they could be a top-four team if one of the top four teams begins to slip up.

London Royal Ravens

The Ravens are the team that got most affected by the switch to online-only play. Wuskin was one of the best players in the league before the halt in LAN competition and now he’s fallen off his pace, and along with that, his sniper is not as effective as it once was. This team, however, could see a huge turn in fortunes after this meta change. With one of the best rookie AR’s from last year in Dylan struggling to find a role, this meta change could mean big things for this team. Time will tell how much better they can get but this is the brightest beam of hope this team has seen in a little while.

Minnesota Rokkr

This team has been kind of a disappointment since the beginning of their season when they were the hot new kids on the block putting up multiple top-four finishes. Since then its been a steady decline in performing and team cohesion. I could see some offseason changes being implemented to make this team competitive again but until then they will be firmly middle of the table for the foreseeable future.

Los Angeles Optic

This team has been simultaneously a surprise and a disappointment. This team has some of the best talents from last year’s game including Dashy, Arguably player of the year last year, and TJHaly, but the form seems to be alluding them. After impressing in previous events the Paris event was one they want to forget as fast as possible. There has also been news that surfaced this week the Optic is making big changes to team composition. It is no secret Dashy has been actively upset by his situation since the beginning of the year. It now looks like he and Chino have been effectively benched for AM (Amateur) signings Drazah and Hollow. While nothing is official yet dont be surprised if this is the last event where the current LAOptic team is all together.

LA Guerillas

There isn’t much to say about this team they haven’t looked really good or really bad this year. They have a couple of big wins to their name and an overhauled roster but other than that this team is very lackluster. However, they have seemed to hit a vein of some type of form and if they get a couple of lucky breaks they could move above their cross-town rivals in Optic.

Toronto Ultra

This is another team that at the begging of the season many thought would be the middle of the road team but has underperformed in a lot of areas. However, now with a set starting lineup and a good run of games under their belt from the last tournament. Ultra could be poised for a late run for the middle of the table. Keep your eyes on this team and what they do int he coming weeks.

Seattle Surge

These last two teams are not better than either one and should be tied for 11th place. However, I will start with the Surge as I think they have the most room to become a good team. With the likes of Octane and Enable this team could become good at any moment and in the new meta who knows what will happen. This team should be doing much better but just hasn’t been able to put it together. Even after the loss of one of the G.O.A.T.S of COD Karma, this team hasn’t been able to put it together and they will have to find a team composition that doesn’t make them the tied worst team in the league.

Paris Legion

I dont even know what to say about this team. They are terrible and dont look to be improving at all in any way, whether that be team changes or strategies. They will be the doormat of the league until the leadership of that team finds a new direction to take that team. It’s unfortunate because they looked good at the beginning of the year and many thought they could be the middle of the road team. That sadly has not been the case.

New York Home Series Predictions and Wrap up

I think this week’s home series has the potential to be the most interesting one of the season. The fact that the season is ending in a few months and we have an entirely new meta is very intriguing. THe Subliners, Huntsmen, Faze should all comfortably get out of the first round of group play. The interesting game in round one will most likely be Ultra and Legion. Both are teams struggling to find a place and maybe with the introduction of the new meta, they will finally find their place. However, I think Ultra comfortably takes the win over Paris to move directly to round 2. Then in round two is where the games begin to get very interesting. The Faze vs. Ultra game should be a pub stomp for Faze on way to another of their many finals this season. Especially with the form, the players like Simp and Cellium have been recent. The Subliners vs Huntsmen game, however, should be a lot more interesting. These are two teams who are on the verge of making a claim for the best team in the league. Both teams are searching for consistent play and will be looking to gain back that form. It all depends on who or what team adapts to the new meta the best. For me, that team should be the Huntsmen. As stated above they should be the team to benefit the most with two of the best AR’s in the league finally able to make a battery of slaying potential. If Arctiys and Formal can click together then this team will be super formidable.  The Finals will be the most interesting because it should be the first time we have seen Faze vs Huntsmen this season. Two of the best teams that haven’t faced each other once in the legitimate competition this year. This should be an absolute fistfight between two of the best respawn teams in the game and im looking forward to it. If I was to make a prediction I think Faze will walk away with this one in game 5.



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