Celebs for President Article Series

Picture courtesy of Evan Agostini of the Associated Press.

Initially, I had planned for this to be a podcast, but I decided instead to make this an article series instead.

Each week there will be a new article highlighting a specific celebrity of my choosing. In that episode, I will explain why they are qualified, what the chances they have of winning if they ran, what their political affiliation is, and what the chances are that they will actually run.

I will be doing a countdown from 10 to 1 in which I will give my personal list of the top 10 celebrities to run for President. While I understand my list might differ from yours, I have done a lot of research into potential options and this is where I ended up for the list. This is just my opinion after gathering the research to do this, and I completely expect that people will not agree with me 100% on my list and that is perfectly okay.

My inspiration for this came from listening to comedian and actor Denis Leary talk about his book, “Why We Don’t Suck?”

In that book, he said that he did research of his own top 10 most trusted people in America. The first three were all celebrities and most of the list was comprised of celebs as well. Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, and Denzel Washington topped the list.

Listen: I am not saying that America needs a celebrity.

But, he makes some very good points about why, in a day and age where Donald Trump is President, celebrities might prove to be the most voteable candidates. The fact is many people do not trust politicians at the moment, but they do trust celebrities. Trust is probably one of the most important qualities to have as a candidate and that is one of the biggest reasons that I can see more celebrities running in the future.

So the next article will focus on my 10th option for candidacy. I hope you will take a look!

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