Celebs For President No.10: Jessica Chastain

Picture courtesy of by Andrew Toth of FilmMagic, originally posted on Time.com

So to start off the countdown I have actress Jessica Chastain. She has become one of the more well-known and busiest actresses in the business and can be seen in movies such as The Help, Interstellar, The Martian, and most recently Molly’s Game.

The 40-year old has also become very public politically engaging in multiple areas of the political scope, but largely on women’s equality issues and has become one of the leading activists in the “Time’s Up” movement.

Look up basically any interview about her and you can probably see her talking about political or social issues at one point in it.

In fact, in this clip from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she portrays what playing a female part in a male-dominated movie industry is like by switching roles with Fallon.

However, the chances of her actually running for President or any public office in general, are very slim as she details here in an interview with Enews.com. She says the following about the idea of running for office:

“I actually think that someone should have years and years and history of public service in order to run for president.”

That’s fair. It definitely is true, but she is definitely someone who should stay involved in the political scope and continue to speak on issues.

Her reference most obviously involves President Donald Trump, in which she points out something that I did not even think about during those debates with Hillary Clinton.

“[In] the first presidential debate the big criticism is that she was over-prepared. I’ve never heard that about a man in any job ever so yeah I think this movie is coming at the perfect time because we need to re-evaluate the way we see women in our society and it’s wonderful to be over-prepared. And we should step forward.”

She’s 100%. There were reasons to dislike Hillary Clinton, but being “over-prepared” was not one of them. What does that even mean? Was Barack Obama overprepared for his debates in 2008 and 2012? Did I study too much for a test in one of my classes?

No, it’s ridiculous to say that anyone is over prepared. Over-prepared is just a way of making the idea that someone that studied the issues and the information look bad. She is smart to point out that it has never happened to any man in office to, which she is 100% right.

Like I said before, there were reasons to not like Clinton. However, this is the worst excuse of a reason that you could find. I would dear god hope that the President of the United States is “over-prepared.”

She also has been very outspoken against the Donald Trump as she did this skit on SNL about the 45th President.

So, while the chances she ever runs for office are pretty slim to none, she definitely needs to stay engaged and use her platform to fight for equality.

Her rising popularity in the industry will give her more and more opportunity to use her platform for good, and I have no doubts that she will continue to do so. If you get the chance check out her Twitter account, which largely focuses on social and political issues.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will take a look for my reveal of #9 on my list.

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