Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy?

What a surprise, Chris Brown has an altercation with another music artist. We all know Chris Brown seems to get under many celebrities skin, but his latest enemy is Soulja Boy. Who is Soulja Boy? I mean really he had two hit songs, Crank Dat (2007) and Turn My Swag On (2008). It has been a while since we have heard music from this artist.

This all came about when Soulja Boy began tweeting about Chris Brown`s ex. Soulja Boy took it to the next level by bashing Chris Brown for his domestic violent charge back in 2009.  Soulja Boy has challenged Chris Brown to street fights, but they want to make it classy. Soulja Boy challenged Chris Brown to a paper view boxing match. Floyd Mayweather is sponsoring Soulja Boy, while Chris Brown has Mike Tyson in his corner.

I do not think this fight will ever happen. I believe it is a publicity stunt to get Soulja Boy`s name out there. Clearly music cannot keep him in the spotlight so he needs to seek attention elsewhere. This was all over social media in early January; it is now early February and it seems that the hype has died down.  The fight is supposedly, “a month away.”  If you ask me this is a publicity stunt, you will not see Soulja Boy nor Chris Brown in a boxing ring anytime soon.

Well Soulja Boy and Chris Brown manage to make their way back into the media.  It is official, this was a publicity stunt. Soulja Boy debuts his mixtape the same day the fight gets called off. I mean seriously, this could not have been more obvious. Soulja Boy lacks creativity (as if we could not tell from his music). I called this the day it came out. Here is some advice: produce good music and you will be back in the spotlight. It is time to grow up and find a career, the music industry is not for boys.  Maybe he should take advice from Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy, aka Puff aka P. Diddy aka Diddy. You get my point, when he decides to grow up he should change the name. It worked for Diddy. It is time for this “Soulja” to discharge from the music industry.

Courtesy of Yahoo News and USA Today.


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