Coach K Ban Works, Duke Beats Wake Forest On A Late Kennard Three

Banning the players from the locker room and take away their rights to wear Duke apparel was a test to show whether or not they wanted to play Duke basketball the rest of the way. And you know what? It was just crazy enough to work. Albeit Duke players still showed up in Duke apparel but thats besides the point. All you need to know is Coach K comes out of left field with a very odd ban on some things and Duke responded. Will this propel my Dukies on a run? Who knows. But what I do know, is that Duke got a big win today and Luke Kennard is the best Duke player on this roster. Guy has ice in his veins. He doesn’t care that Dukes had a bunch of injuries to their freshman. He doesn’t care that Grayson Allen has gone complete psycho. This team is Luke Kennards. Love it or leave it. 

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