Coach K bans team from locker room, wearing Duke apparel. 

I love this move so much, I’m going to impose the same ban on myself. Coach K feels that his players aren’t living up to the Duke standard? As a fan, I don’t feel that I am living up to the Duke standard. 

The season hasn’t nearly been up to the standards and expectations that we all had for Duke. The freshman have been hurt, Amile Jefferson got hurt and Grayson Allen is a Looney Tune out there on the floor. Coach K drops the hammer on the team just after that embarrassing loss to NC State and I expect this team to know that Coach K means business. 

No team apparel for the Duke players, no Duke apparel for the Duke fans. Until they start playing like Duke, I won’t be wearing anything Duke. 

P.S.- I wrote the blog about Duke being back after Saturday’s win. Am I nervous that Coach K essentially went into crisis mode with this move? Absolutely not. He wouldn’t pull this stunt if he didn’t know it would work. Panic mode? What’s that? I don’t panic about Duke. The only thing I panic about is how many diamonds we get in our championship rings. 

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