Companies Take Advantage of Top Notch Athletes

It is no secret that sports in the United States are extremely popular. If we look at sports on a national level, it gets even more intense. The number of people who are watching sporting events every day is extraordinary, and most of these star athletes have their own fan base following them. The SuperBowl alone has over 98 million viewings every year. Soccer is the number one sport in the world, and March Madness generates about 10 million dollars just from the tournament. It is quite obvious why these particular companies are choosing to feature players or teams in their commercials, but they don’t make any sense!

Budweiser’s new commercial is the definition of taking advantage of the platform that sports have. If you’ve seen it, you probably asked yourself what does this have to do with drinking beer? The answer is absolutely nothing. What Budweiser did was took a public figure who is leaving the NBA and took advantage of what he has done with his career. Dwayne Wade was a stellar athlete and person, who helped many people financially and emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, the commercial is a total tear jerker, and says a lot about the person he is. But, does Dwayne Wade drink beer? Do the “5 more” drink beer? We don’t know! This commercial does not make me want to buy a Budweiser product the next time I’m watching a basketball game.

Another company that has taken advantage of a public figure is Gatorade, using Derek Jeter in his final game. Seems like Budweiser and Gatorade are using the same marketing director. What does Derek Jeter walking through the Bronx before his last game have to do with drinking Gatorade? Again, Derek Jeter is an amazing player, my dog is even named after him, but how does this commercial encourage me to drink Gatorade? The answer to this one is that again, it doesn’t! Why isn’t Jeter carrying a Gatorade or why aren’t the kids playing pick-up baseball drinking Gatorade? We don’t know!

So, what is the point? Why did Budweiser and Gatorade use these star athletes to try and show off their brand? We already know they used Wade and Jeter because they are the top known athletes and sports have the largest following in the world. I understand that Gatorade is something we drink when we’re playing a sport or working out, but I’ve never seen an athlete crack a cold on the court. Why not incorporate their products within the entire commercial, instead of just showing the logo at the end?

I personally love both of these athletes, they are the perfect role models for young athletes or just people in general. I understand the concept of wanting to get attention from all the fans these two have acquired over the years, but at least try to market your product.

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