CONCACAF Weeks 5 and 6 preview

Well, we have reached the halfway marker into the Hexagonal. As it looks right now, Mexico and Costa Rica could just coast for the next 5 weeks and still get in, the Panama United States and Honduras are battling for the 3rd and 4th place in the standings.

For the Panamanian National Team or Canaleros (Nickname is because of the Canal) the next two weeks look like this:

At Costa Rica on June 8th

vs Honduras on June 13th

Now for the Yanks or the United States, it looks like this:

vs Trinidad and Tobago on June 8th

At Mexico on June 11th (game moved up due to the Confederations Cup, Mexico needs to go to Russia and play in the tournament)

And finally, for Honduras or the Catrachos, the next two games are as follows:

At Mexico on June 8th

At Panama on June 13th

Between the three main teams battling for the 3rd and 4th place, Honduras has the hardest schedule not just because of the 2 road games in a row but because of where they have to play in. In earlier articles, I have noted that it is hard to win in Mexico City, but also to play in Panama where the humidity approaches the same level in Honduras. The second-worst schedule in these two weeks is the United States, bare with me in this but Trinidad and Tobago have played better as of late in only losing to Mexico 1-0. 1-0, to a team that beat Costa Rica in the Azteca 2-0, not only nearly tying with Mexico but to also win against Panama, in addition to this it is no secret that Mexico has a fortress. Panama benefits from playing at home against Honduras, if they win this game Honduras could be officially eliminated because of tiebreakers.

As for Costa Rica, Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago the weeks are like this:

Trinidad and Tobago or Soca Warriors:
At the United States on June 8th

At Costa Rica on June 13th

Costa Rica or Ticos 

vs Panama on June 8th

vs Trinidad and Tobago on June 13th

Mexico or Aztecas (named after the Aztecan civilization)

vs Honduras on June 8th

vs the United States on June 11th (game moved up due to the Confederations Cup in Russia 2017)

The Current Standings after Week 4 ended


United States, Panama, and Honduras and possibly Trinidad and Tobago:  I know that this is a long title but bear with me in that every single nation is within reach of the coveted 3rd and 4th place as the 1st and 2nd place is sort of out of reach for these teams. Looking it objectively, Trinidad and Tobago needs to win both games although they are in hostile environments (in the United States and in Costa Rica), Honduras has the second worst schedule due to having to play against Mexico twice and at Costa Rica. Between the schedules of Panama and the United States, Panama has a stronger schedule because they have to play Costa Rica twice (both teams played in the previous round with Costa Rica winning both times).

Honduras and Trinidad and Tobago: It depends on the other fixtures, but a loss could be a game over for their World Cup Aspirations. They both have a horrible Goal Differentials which is the main tiebreaker so if it ends up that the four teams end with the same record, the US would be 3rd and Panama would go on to the Inter-Continental Playoff, then Trinidad and Tobago in 5th and Honduras in 6th. Due to this, they need to win or tie but to also score more goals because of the second tiebreaker in Goals Scored and hope for the best.

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