CONCACAF’s been tinkering again in the Gold Cup

As the Nations League is about to start here is what’s at stake:

  • Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Canada and Curacao are all battling the last two spots in the Hexagonal
  • Jamaica is most likely going to secure their spot in the Hexagonal
  • United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica are all but guaranteed into the Hexagonal

On September 4th, the eve of the first game in Bermuda, CONCACAF decided to add another wrinkle into the Gold Cup qualification. So now the new format to qualify for the Gold Cup are as follows:

  • 8 guaranteed spots from League A
  • 4 guaranteed spots from League B
  • 4 playoff spots available from all Leagues (Guatemala finally have a chance into the Gold Cup after 2 editions of being banned)


In order to qualify to the 2021 Gold Cup directly, there is an easy way, don’t finish last and you’re in. The league is made up of 12 national teams and it is divided into four groups of three. The last placed team in every group will be automatically placed into the second round of qualifiers.


The only way for League B to get in automatically is to win the group. Prime candidates are Jamaica, El Salvador and French Guyana to win the group. The other path is to finish second and beat the best of League C and then face the four worst teams in League A.


The only way to qualify is to win the group AND then win two playoff series in order to qualify to the Gold Cup.

In a graphical way

Picture curtesy of CONCACAF

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