Concrete and Gold: The New Foo Fighters Album

The Foo Fighters released their ninth album last Friday, September 15th called “Concrete and Gold.”

Former Nirvana drummer, now lead singer and guitarist for the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl has yet again shown that he can do it all when it comes to rock and roll. The 11 song record is quite different from the rest of their albums, with some classic Foo Fighters grunge songs as well as some slower more melodic and harmonic songs. The Foo Fighters have taken some time off since their last album “Sonic Highways” was released in 2014, and their 5

The Foo Fighters have taken some time off since their last album, “Sonic Highways”, was released back in 2014, while their 5 song “Saint Cecilia EP” was released in 2015. Several top-tier artists are featured on the album and Grohl said he had a blast recording in one of the most famous studios on Earth. Although rock and roll has died down a bit since Nirvana was at their peak, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters continue to keep rock and roll alive.


Although this may not be the best album the Foo Fighters have ever released, there are definitely some new songs that could go down as some of their best ever.

The Foo Fighters released 2 songs before the entire album came out. The first was probably the heaviest rock song on the album titled “Run.” The song has a rather soft start and leads into a heavy guitar and drum riff where Dave Grohl shows that he still has some quality screaming skills. This song is as big and loud as any other Foo Fighters’ hit and adds a powerful punch to the album as a whole.

The song has a music video to go along with it, which shows a bunch of old people in a nursing home. Grohl said in an interview that drummer Taylor Hawkins had the idea for the video.

The song is just as heavy, if not heavier than their stuff from years ago. Hawkins said it was funny because they were getting older, which triggered the idea of senior citizens for the video. Although it doesn’t go along with the meaning of the song at all, it goes with the heavy vibe the song gives off. And it is a pretty hysterical video.

The second song they released is called “The Sky is a Neighborhood”. This is another loud and powerful song from the Foos that is sure to be another big hit. This song also has a

This song also has a music video, which shows the band playing on a rooftop of a house with 2 kids in the house underneath reading the lyrics for the song out of an old book. The band members each have glowing blue eyes, making them look like some sort of aliens. The 2 kids in the video are Dave Grohl’s daughters in real life. Grohl directed it and said that his daughters gave him some ideas for the videos.


Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters went outside the box a bit on this album. Grohl did an interview where he talks about the creation of the album as well as the several talented musicians and producers that played roles in perfecting it. This video is Grohl talking, but all of the people are cartoon characters.

Grohl says that the album was recorded at the EastWest studio in Los Angeles where several famous musicians have recorded before. He tells the story of how he got to know famous producer Greg Kurstin who produced the most recent Adele and Sia records and how he helped make the rock album sound like the Foo Fighters while also adding new elements and sounds to it.

As for the actual musicians, there were many more than just the Foos. Justin Timberlake sang background vocals on the song “Make it Right.” Shawn Stockman from the band “Boys II Men,” Alison Mosshart from “The Kills,” and smooth Jazz saxophone player Dave Koz all helped out on the album.

Even Beatles legend Paul McCartney played drums on the song “Sunday Rain.” Taylor Hawkins said that McCartney hadn’t heard the song before coming into the studio, yet it only took him two takes to play it perfectly. McCartney has collaborated with Dave Grohl in the past however, this was the first time he appeared on one of their albums.

The album has been a huge success and the Foo Fighters already have a tour lined up, starting in mid-October in Virginia and ending in December in Salt Lake City. Even after nine albums and the decline of rock as a genre, the Foo Fighters are still going strong.

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