Conor McGregor KO’s Eddie Alvarez, Now Holds Two Championship Belts

I’ve never been more confident in a single human being than I was with Conor McGregor last night. This was fight wasn’t even close. I don’t know much about the technicalities of UFC fighting but anybody with two eyes could see this wasn’t even a fight. McGregor is so fast with his hands and showed why he is the best fighter in the world last night. Alvarez admitted that his game plan was terrible after the fight and you could see why. He wasn’t going to beat McGregor standing up unless he somehow caught him off guard, which doesn’t happen all that often. McGregor was standing basically the whole fight and absolutely dominated Alvarez. He capped it off with the BRUTAL knockout. 

McGregor is the most polarizing figure in sports at the moment. I have never seen an athlete talk so much smack and back it up every single time. He’s just as entertaining outside of the octagon as he is inside the octagon. I love his cockiness when most people hate it. You want to put your hands behind your back and basically give Alvarez a free shot in a title fight? Be my guest. For a guy who talks as much as McGregor, he backs it up EVERY SINGLE TIME. Can’t hate a guy that puts his money where his mouth is. Now he’s the first fighter in UFC history to hold a belt in two different weight classes. We are witnessing an athlete dominate in a way that we may never see again in sports. 

The best fight of the night to me was Tyron Woodley against Stephen Thompson. I have no clue how Thompson is even alive right now. There were points where I thought Woodley was going to rip his head and his spine clean from his body. He just ate punches, was almost choked to death and somehow each round came out like nothing happened. The match ended in a majority draw but we were the real winners. 

The first night of UFC at Madison Square Garden was a huge success. Dana White said they broke the PPV record and the crowd was absolutely electric the entire night. I have no clue how I stayed up until 1:30 to watch the main event but it was well worth it. I can’t wait for the next MSG fight night. 

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