Cortland Grad Speaks to Students about Success

Carlos J. Malave, a SUNY Cortland graduate, came back to the college to speak at Corey Union about his life lessons.

Malave started the speech off with his background story. He talked about how basketball was his everything and how focused he was to play DII basketball as he was the only player in his high school to receive a scholarship to play college basketball.

Carlos J. Malave
Carlos J. Malave

Malave also shared a story about his experiences with running that transitioned into a bigger picture. It doesn’t matter if you are in shape or not, there comes a point during the run where you here a voice in your head telling you to just take a break or stop. Malave gave that voice a name, “Charlie,” and talked about how he forces himself to battle the urge to quit.

“Every time I run, I learn to punch Charlie right in the face. When I start beating that voice inside, no voice outside can bother me. When I look at running, it’s more of a challenge mentally than physically. That’s how I want you to look at life.”

Carlos J. Malave speaking at SUNY Cortland
Malave speaking to SUNY Cortland students at Corey Union

He moved on to talk about investing in yourself and finding the career that gets you excited in the morning. This is where he talked about quitting basketball to pursue something greater. He is in a transitioning phase in his life where public speaking is the dream job for him, but he currently works as a PE teacher at a private school in Houston, Texas.

When he found out he wanted to pursue public speaking, he remembers emailing hundreds of TV personalities and other public speakers to try and improve his skills and find a mentor for him to follow. He mentioned that no matter how many no’s you get, all you need to chase is that one yes for your life to change.

The last thing Malave stated before finishing his speech was about chasing your dreams as soon as possible. Malave said the worst thing you can do for your career is getting caught in a trap at a job you don’t enjoy. If you don’t take the risk of moving on to the job you know you’ll love, you will always be stuck at a place you don’t like wasting your life away.

You can buy Malave’s book here and follow him on YouTubeTwitter and Instagram.

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