Cortland’s Silent Night Game

On Tuesday, December 5th, at 5:30 and 7:30 pm Cortland men’s and women’s basketball will be playing in their forth annual “Silent Night” game.

This game is unique and a fun event for the holiday season. Cortland Athletics collects monetary and toy donations for the local Toys for Tots.

I got the chance to talk to Cortland Assistant Director of Athletics, Jaclyn Lawrence, about the game.

Where did the idea of “Silent Night” come from?

“We got the idea from Taylor University, but changed it to be a fundraiser for our local Toys for Tots.

What is the “Silent Night” concept?

“Silent Night comes from the concept of being silent until Cortland’s 10th point is scored. It’s a really neat atmosphere, and one that everyone should try to come experience.”

Courtesy of SUNY Cortland Athletics

Is the atmosphere of the game notably different without cheering for the first 10 points?

“Yes, it’s very odd to sit and not cheer for the first 10 points, but once we score 10, and everyone goes nuts, it’s really neat.”

Do you do anything specific during halftime and timeouts?

“Yes, we do various raffles, have a costume contest and halftime promotions. We also play Christmas music during timeouts.”

SUNY Cortland Athletics Instagram

Who do you promote it to?

“We promote it to the community and campus, and aim to pack the place.”

How have you been promoting it?

“We do flyers, get it on the TV screens, but really it comes down to social media. Our social media interns do quick videos, graphics, interview players, etc.”

Have you had any significant achievements from the event in the past?

“Yes! Last year, we were able to use the monetary donations to buy a dozen bikes!”

What is your favorite thing about the event?

“Coming together for a good cause. It’s great to see our students, faculty, staff and community come out to support Toys for Tots, and have a really enjoyable night at the games as well. It’s a very feel good, positive event.”

Thank you, Jaclyn, for taking the time to tell me all about the event! This is clearly a fun and worthwhile event to attend if you can.



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