Cortland Woman’s Lacrosse Season Opener

Another season for woman’s lacrosse is here. Coming into this season the woman’s lacrosse team here at Cortland is ranked number two in the nation.  This comes off of last season that the team was upset in the final four of the NCAA tournament.  Two seasons ago the team won the national champs.

I went to the first game of their season which was on Sunday, March 5.  It was a cold breezy day but that didn’t seem to affect the players at all.  The game was against Clarkson which were coming into the game 1-0 on the season already winning their first game of the season.  Clarkson wasn’t going to be an easy matchup for Cortland because last season they finished with a 12-4 record.  Also, a lot of the same players that played on that team were coming back this year.

This was my first time watching a woman’s lacrosse game because where I grow up there weren’t many lacrosse teams and my high school didn’t have a team as well.  This game was a learning experience for me as well which made the game a lot more enjoyable.

As the game went on I noticed some differences between woman’s and men’s lacrosse.  I saw that the face-off wasn’t on the ground like the guys were, which I thought was interesting.  Woman are not allowed to hit or check anyone and for the men’s they are allowed to try and hit the ball out of the other team’s lacrosse sticks.  However, I saw in the woman’s game they were some hitting going on so I guess it is up to the official on what is allowed and what isn’t.

During the game, senior Kristen Ohberg became the third Cortland player to reach 300 career points.  This was interesting to see because they stopped the game and everyone was cheering for her and was happy for her.  The game itself wasn’t much of a game however, Cortland was in control of the game the whole time.  At half time the score was 6-1 in favor of Cortland.  In the second half, Clarkson scored more goals but never came within 6 goals.  The final score was 17-5.

Next up for the Cortland is Franklin and Marshall College on Saturday, March 11.


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