David Wright’s Situation: The Reason It Is Still Painful to be a Mets Fan


Ever since April 15th, 2015, we have watched our seven time All-Star suffer through injury after injury with no reason to believe it will stop anytime soon. It started with a pulled hamstring, which is not usually a career altering injury. However, while attempting to rehab, he started suffering from back pain. This back pain would later be referred to as a serious and career-threatening injury known as lumbar spinal stenosis which means that he has a degenerative back. This injury would be serious enough that he would not return until September of that year. It would also prove to cause him harm as he even had to prepare for warm-ups before games four hours prior, and that was just to prepare to warm-up. It would take an extra two hours for him to actually warm-up and be ready for game action. This would not be the extent of the injuries for him.

In 2016, he would suffer a herniated disk in his neck 37 games into the season and miss the remainder of it. And now, here we are. It was announced by Sandy Alderson yesterday that David Wright is suffering from an impingement in his throwing shoulder and that he will be shut down from throwing for a few weeks. It was also announced that it is in question, to say the least, if he will be ready for opening day. However, they did say David Wright could DH still.

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The Situation

It is just absolutely painful. We all are witnesses of our star collapsing. We have to sit and just wait him to fall apart each time. While I would like to think that things are going to get better in this regard, I am fully aware that we are getting towards the end of the line. David’s career is coming to a close and in painful fashion.

He is no longer very productive either. He hit a mere .226 last season and was no better than his potential replacement and they guy he formerly shared the left side of the diamond with, Jose Reyes. Meanwhile, we are stuck with his contract, which has four years and $67 million remaining. However, the bulk of that would picked up by insurance if he were to not play.

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Stand By Him

My thoughts though. While we all might think he should retire, it is not our decision. He has earned the right to choose when he is ready to. Without him, none of our success as an organization is possible. But, instead he chose to put his faith in us. He decided in 2012, when he signed his eight year, $138 million contact, that he would suffer through the losing for another two years after watching the team finish four years straight with losing records and a grand total of nine years without a postseason birth.

He deserves to get to be a part of the other half. The part where we win. There is nobody on this team that deserves to get to hoist a World Series trophy more than him. He got close to getting this back in 2015 and even got to be a major contributor in Game 3 of it that year. If that moment couldn’t send shivers down your spine, I don’t know what can.

Now, they do have to have a contingency plan, which they do in Jose Reyes and Wilmer Flores. I am also not willing to guarantee him that he will be the starting third baseman if he does not produce, but he does belong here.

He is everything this organization represents. It would feel wrong winning our first World Series since 1986 without the Captain. He made an investment in us back in 2012. It’s time we stop judging him as his body breaks down, make and continue to honor our investment in him.

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