Dear Mr. Gilbert

It’s been over a month since I’ve last posted and lemme tell you, I’ve been plotting this post ever since the Cavs lost in the Finals to a team that shall not be named.

So far this offseason, the Cavs have been a front office disaster. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert fired one of the best GM’s in basketball in David Griffin and has been trying to run the show without any luck. Gilbert stinks. He let Paul George go to OKC, is losing the Carmelo Anthony trade battle, signed Jose Calderon (yikes), and can’t find a replacement for Griffin that wants to work with him.

I don’t know what Gilbert fired Griffin over, but it couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Cavs. Our offseason moves right now will determine the kind of GM we end up hiring in the future, because Griffin will want someone on the same page as him. What we do right now is a clear indication of what Griffin was unable or unwilling to do this offseason. If we manage to trade a major piece or key role players (please don’t trade Kyrie), then we know that Griffin at least was opposed to those moves.

If we’re going to trade anyone, it’s Kevin Love or Tristan Thompson. Package either of them with other role players like J.R. Smith or Shump and you might be able to finagle a meaningful trade that gives us an upgrade.

I’m sick of Gilbert trying to play GM. This is my formal application to Gilbert to hire me as the new General Manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Gilbsy boy, if you hire me, here’s the first deal I make for us.

Here’s a breakdown of the 4 team trade I created.

Cavs: Out – Kevin Love (Pelicans). In – Carmelo Anthony.

Knicks: Out – Carmelo Anthony (Cavs), Kristaps Porzingis (Suns). In – DeMarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe, Marquese Chriss.

Pelicans: Out – DeMarcus Cousins (Knicks). In – Kevin Love.

Suns: Out – Eric Bledsoe (Knicks), Marquese Chriss (Knicks). In – Kristaps Porzingis.

Lets start with the Pelicans, who will be the hardest sell in this deal. The Boogie trade last season was appalling due to the lack of ball distribution and solid wing play the Pellies had. With Boogie and Anthony Davis on the floor at the same time, it diminished each of their abilities as players because they can’t play off of each other effectively. Having both of them doesn’t equal wins for the Pellies. Adding Kevin Love and subtracting Boogie helps the Pelicans cause because Love can stretch out the floor better than either of them can. Love is also a more tamed personality than Boogie and isn’t much of a downgrade anywhere else but defending the rim, but you can argue that just having Love on the floor more often than Boogie due to technicals is more valuable to the Pellies. Even swap with more upside if you ask me.

Next up, Knicks. Let’s talk Porzingis for a minute. I get he’s the Knicks savior and everything, but c’mon, he was drafted by Phil Jackson and the Knicks could really use a breath of fresh air and rid themselves of all things Phil Jackson. He really is the one player the Knicks should try to keep but look at the haul they could get for him. Send Melo (who wants out) and Porzingis out for Boogie, Bledsoe and a young talent in Marquese Chriss? Done. The trade machine doesn’t have picks to send but somewhere in there the Knicks could probably receive a pick or two as well from the Suns or Pellies.

The Suns win this trade big. They get the coveted Porzingis and send out the older of the two solid point guards they have in Bledsoe and keep Brandon Knight on the roster. Sending Marquese Chriss, even with the upside, is a move they need to make in order to land a player like Porzingis. Their overall talent takes a slight hit, but in the Western Conference, if you’re not in full rebuild mode right now then you better hope you can contend against the Warriors and Rockets, which they can’t. This helps them rebuild while becoming more exciting to watch as well as giving them a young core to build around in Knight, Porzingis Devin Booker and Josh Jackson.

Lastly, the Cavs. They get Melo while sending out Kevin Love. Bit of a chemistry switch up for the Cavs but we need to do something to show LeBron we’re at least trying to better the team. Melo brings a bit of an edge and other offensive star power that the Cavs could use while LeBron or Kyrie is off the floor.

Keep in mind some draft picks would have to be included in this trade to convince all of the parties to agree to it.

So, Mr. Gilbert, I recommend this 4 way trade for the sake of the franchise and all of Cleveland. If you don’t do anything soon, all of Cleveland will turn on you once again.

Resume and references available upon request.




  1. No Name

    Absolutely not, this is by far the worst trade of all time. How did you even think of such a bad idea, no offense but you would not last one second as an NBA General Manger. 1. Boogie Cousins is already 26 years old or 5 years old than Porzingis, and Cousins is the old NBA while Porzingis is a three point shooting 7 footer. Chriss is intriguing but wouldn’t warrant much, and Eric Bledsoe is a decent point guard but not a tier 1 leader. Therefore, the Knicks should absolutely refuse to make this deal, sorry for the criticism but this trade is simply wrong.

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