Depth? What Depth?

Down goes another Met pitcher. The astounding pitching depth that the Mets boasted about all spring has vanished in the first week.

As spring training wound down the Mets starting five was solidified.  But as all Met fans know, it’s never easy. 

First, Steven Matz went down with a strained flexor tendon. I was annoyed, but I knew both Zack Wheeler and Seth Lugo were waiting in the wings to take the final rotation spot.

Wheeler and Lugo had one final start to make their case. 

Wheeler earned the job by dominating in his final performance (5 IP, 2 hits, 2 BBs, 3 Ks, 0 R). Lugo did not have an impressing outing and seemed a locked into the bullpen.

With the New York Mets, nothing is as it seems.

A few days after Wheeler won the fifth spot Lugo was diagnosed with “arm fatigue.” Then, we found out on Opening Day that Lugo actually had a partially torn UCL. This is an injury that doesn’t need surgery, as the Yankees Ace Tanaka pitched through the same injury last season.

With injuries to both Lugo and Matz, the only pitching depth is Rafael Montero, who had a great spring, but has never been able to handle pitching in the big leagues.

The current starting five right will have to last for awhile without an injury, or the Mets season could start off much differently than they expected. 

Time will tell if the team will get their depth back or if the lack of depth will cause the pitching rotation to fall apart.

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