Does Dallas Drop Dez?

Photo: Kevin Jairaj, USA TODAY Sports)

The days of Dez Bryant throwing up the X in Jerry’s World are dwindling. Dez has long been one of my favorite players, but I’m ready to see him go. Surely Dez could still be of value to the Cowboys with Dak Prescott under center, but I think that the Cowboys best move is to cut ties with number 88.


First, let’s talk money Wonderlic. My favorite and world’s most trusted website, Wikipedia, told me Dez scored a 16 on his Wonderlic Test. What is the Wonderlic you ask? It’s the test that all NFL prospects are given before the draft to assess their intelligence level. You’re given 50 questions and have to answer them in 12 minutes. A score of above 10 means you can read. 20 means you’re average. I took a free online Wonderlic Test at this website and scored a 36. What does this mean?


Clearly, my next step is to record myself on a field running routes and catching balls, upload the video to Hudl, and then kick back and wait for the phone calls to start coming in. Obviously I’d convince the Cowboys to cut Dez and sign me given my raw natural talent, age, coachability, and smaller contract. Dez is owed $16.5 million in 2018. I’m owed 0 as of now. I’d be a huge savings for them and double his production from last year. In fact, I’ve already written the contract for them.


Terms of Agreement

1 yr/$465K

Ferrari included


That’s all I need for 1,000+ yards this season.





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