Duke Is Back, Deal With It



*takes deep breath*



Was I worried after Duke lost two games in a row? Absolutely not. Was I worried when Duke was down by 11 at halftime after playing arguably their worst half of the entire season? Absolutely not. Why? Because we are Duke and we are the elite. A young Miami team looking to put some hair on it’s chest against the big bad Blue Devils in Cameron isn’t enough to make a single drop of sweat flow down my forehead. Down by double digits at half while playing revolving door defense was the perfect thing to get the Hurricanes confidence just a tad bit too high in order to completely lay the smack down in the second half. 

22-1 run to start the final 20, Matt Jones reclaiming his spot as the MVP of Matty Ices and an absolute maximum security prison-esque lockdown team wide on defense shut everyone right up.

Want to know why this guy doesn’t get worried?

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