Exclusive Interview With Ky’Sawn Veale: The Army to D3 Football

Interviewer: Describe the transition from the Army to college

Ky’Sawn: I joined the army because I didn’t like school at the time. Then I didn’t like basic training, so I went back to school to finish my degree. And now I am dealing with school and I think the Army helps with school.

Interviewer: How did joining the football team help your transition?

Ky’Sawn: I met 119 plus guys. So I had a lot friends, people to talk to.

Interviewer: How often do you have to travel to drill?

Ky’Sawn: I travel once a month for drill and two weeks during every summer. Sometimes I go to Ithaca for it and sometimes I have to go to Ft. Drum.

Interviewer: Describe what it’s like balancing school, football and drill?

Ky’Sawn: It’s hard to balance it all. Some months it is easier than others. It gets harder with finals coming around. The army doesn’t care about school and football doesn’t care about the army. My time management has to be on point. I have drill this weekend and with finals coming up it is getting hard.

Interviewer: Have you connected with anyone on the team that is in the same position as you?

Ky’Sawn: There was someone on the team, but he quit football to focus on school and the army. So as of now, no. I am the only one going through this.

Interviewer: What are you most excited about for the upcoming season?

Ky’Sawn: I am finally in a position that I like to play. The whole team’s chemistry seems better this year. Playing at MetLife is going to be a huge highlight of this season and we are all really excited for it.

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