Fat Jack’s BBQ Review

When I decided to transfer to Cortland I was extremely excited to explore a new school and meet new people but one thing I knew I would miss from home would be the food. Although my mother is an excellent cook, I am not talking about home cooked meals. I am from New York City which is one of the culinary meccas in the world. NYC has some of the most famous restaurants in the entire country and I knew I would miss eating all of the different types of delicious food NYC has to offer. As many of you know Cortland is a fun place to live but there are not many restaurant options where the food is actually edible. Having said that I may have found my new favorite place to eat in Cortland.

After our football team crushed Framingham State, my friends and I decided to try Fat Jack’s BBQ,  a new Cortland restaurant that opened in July. Upon entering my friends and I pulled the  typical college kid move and asked what beers they had on tap. To our dismay they did not have any beers on tap because they had not yet received their license to sell alcohol. While we all had sad faces like a child who was told they could not have a cookie before dinner, our frowns quickly turned to smiles. The cashier told us that we were allowed to BYOB!  (This means bring your own beer for the birdbrains out there). Our faces lit up with excitement because we had just came from picking up beer for the festivities later that night (Disclaimer: We are all 21). All of us already being in a state of bliss from being able to bring our own beer we were pleasantly surprised with the deliciousness of our meals.

I got the boneless honey bbq wings which was a very affordable $7.99 for a half a pound and also included a multitude of french fries which were equally delightful. The wings were easily the best wings I have had in Cortland. They had the right amount of crisp without being burnt and the honey bbq sauce was excellent as well. The fries were awesome due to the seasoning that they had on them. One of my friends was nice enough to let me try his pulled pork sandwich as well as his mac and cheese. The pulled pork was very juicy and the sauce was sweet but not too overbearing. The mac and cheese was very unique. It tasted like it was made with multiple cheeses and had bread crumbs for a change of pace. Overall my friends and I had a great experience at Fat Jacks. From their distinctive decor and friendly staff I would definitely recommend Fat Jacks to any Cortland student or faculty member. In a place like Cortland where high quality and delectable food is far and few between, Fat Jacks BBQ definitely breaks that stigma.  

Fat Jacks BBQ is located at 234 Tompkins St. Their hours are Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm. Friday and Saturday 11am-10pm. Sunday 11am-8pm. They also deliver as well (607) 344-3777

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