Florida Fans Sing “I Won’t Back Down” To Honor Tom Petty And It’s As Bad Ass As It Sounds

I love this stuff. Whether it’s Tom Petty or some lesser named singer who’s a local hero, whenever a big group of people sing a song in unison I get goosebumps down my entire body. I hate Florida as much as the next person, Tebow can still jump off a cliff and McElwain can make love to any sea animal he so chooses but man this stuff is great. I’ve watched this video 50 times now and every hair on my body is now permanently standing up.


Can you imagine when Kanye eventually dies from a coke overdose? There’s going to be crowds of people converging together at various points throughout the country to rap “Through The Wire” together. Flash mobs as far as the eye can see just yelling “I DRINK A BOOST FOR BREAKFAST, AN ENSURE FOR DESSERT” and my body is going to levitate into Gods arms.

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