Geno Smith Has A Torn ACL

(photo courtesy of ESPN)

Ugh. I don’t normally feel bad for pro athletes but I am genuinely upset about this. Guy finally gets a shot and doesn’t even make it one half before getting injured. I hate seeing guys lose their jobs to injuries.

Geno has been screwed so bad by this organization ever since he walked through the door. Rex Ryan absolutely HAD to win the Snoopy Bowl so he puts in Mark Sanchez, who then injures his shoulder and is done for the year. Geno, who was supposed to be the backup, is now thrust into the starters role just two weeks before his rookie season is supposed to start. His rookie year did provide us with some highlights and things to build on which I didn’t think was possible when you’re trotting out a WR lineup of Jeremy Kerley, David Nelson, Clyde Gates and Stephen Hill. Even Joe Montana couldn’t complete a pass to those guys. We got the most famous positive Jets gif of all time. (Mention that one play against New England and you WILL suffer.)

We also had Geno trot into Atlanta on Monday Night Football and punch the Falcons straight in the mouth a few weeks later. The Jets pulled the upset and Gesus lived on.

In his second year, the Jets signed the greatest looking man to ever walk this Earth in Eric Decker and Geno had his best game ever as a pro, tossing a perfect game in the season finale against Miami and things actually looked bright for a Jets QB!

We all know what happened last year when he got socked in the jaw by IK. Funny story, I actually met IK the day before that happened. He probably was very angry after meeting this shining ball of sunshine and took it out on Geno. Maybe I’m the root of all of Genos problems. Regardless, he was forced to give up his starting job to that bearded fellow from Harvard and here we are today. Geno finally gets a chance to prove to this regime why he belongs and why a Harvard education means absolutely nothing when quarterbacking a team and gets hurt. It’s a sad day for all of us who have stood behind Geno. He’s most likely done with the Jets after this season so I leave you with this.

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