Gold Cup 2019

The 2019 Gold Cup is special because of the new things that are coming. The first change is that the Gold Cup will not be entirely be hosted in the United States or Mexico or Canada.  This edition will be hosted by the aforementioned United States, Costa Rica, and Jamaica. The second is that there are going to be more nations going to be in it. This edition is an increase from 12 nations to 16 nations. The Third and final change is the classification, for instance all hexagonal teams (Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, United States and Trinidad and Tobago) are all in, the other ten nations would be in through the Nations League Qualification (six spots in League A and four spots in League B).

Qualified Teams (Method of Qualification)

  • Mexico  (2018 Hexagonal)
  • Costa Rica (2018 Hexagonal)
  • Honduras (2018 Hexagonal)
  • United States (2018 Hexagonal)
  • Panama (2018 Hexagonal)
  • Trinidad and Tobago (2018 Hexagonal)
  • Haiti (Nations League Qualification leader)
  • Canada (Nations League Qualification second place)
  • Martinique (Nations League Qualification third place)
  • Curacao (Nations League Qualification fourth place)
  • Bermuda (Nations League Qualification fifth place-Debut)
  • Cuba (Nations League Qualification sixth place)
  • Guyana (Nations League Qualification seventh place-Debut)
  • Jamaica (Nations League Qualification eighth place)
  • Nicaragua (Nations League Qualification ninth place)
  • El Salvador (Nations League Qualification tenth place)

Group Leaders

Mexico (Will head Group A)
Costa Rica (Will head Group B)
Honduras (Will head Group C)
United States (Will head Group D)


Group A-Mexico


Venues and Matches

June 15th: Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California

Canada vs Martinique, 7:30pm ET

Mexico vs Cuba, 10pm ET
June 19th: Broncos Stadium at Mile High, Denver, Colorado
Cuba vs Martinique, 8pm ET

Mexico vs Canada, 10:30pm ET
June 23rd: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, North Carolina

Canada vs Cuba, 6pm ET

Martinique vs Mexico, 8:30pm ET

Group B-Costa Rica

Costa Rica (Host)

Venues and Matches

June 16th: Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica, Sabana Sur, San Jose, Costa Rica

Haiti vs Bermuda, 6pm ET
Costa Rica vs Nicaragua, 8:30pm ET
June 20: Toyota Stadium, Frisco, Texas
Nicaragua vs Haiti, 7pm ET
Costa Rica vs Bermuda, 9:30pm ET
June 24th: Red Bull Arena, Harrison, New Jersey
Bermuda vs Nicaragua, 6:30pm ET
Haiti vs Costa Rica, 9pm ET

Group C-Honduras

Jamaica  (Host)
El Salvador

Venues and Matches

June 17th: Independence Park, Kingston, Jamaica
Curacao vs El Salvador, 7pm ET
Jamaica vs Honduras, 9:30pm ET
June 21st: BBVA Compass Field, Houston, Texas
El Salvador vs Jamaica, 7pm ET
Honduras vs Curacao, 9:30pm ET
June 25th: Banc of California Stadium, Los Angeles, California
Jamaica vs Curacao, 8pm ET
Honduras vs El Salvador, 10:30pm ET

Group D-United States

United States
Trinidad and Tobago
Venues and Matches

June 18th: Allianz Field, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Panama vs Trinidad and Tobago, 7:30pm ET
United States vs Guyana, 10pm ET
June 22nd: FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio
Guyana vs Panama, 5:30pm ET
United States vs Trinidad and Tobago, 8pm ET
June 26th: Children’s Mercy Park, Kansas City, Kansas
Trinidad and Tobago vs Guyana, 6:30pm ET
Panama vs United States, 9pm ET

Matches to look forward to:
Group A

Canada vs Mexico,
This match is the one that would be the determinate factor in who will go to be the first place in the group, both teams come in as the best or second best in their respective pots (Mexico being the best team overall in the CONCACAF Rankings while Canada is sixth just behind Panama).

Group B
Costa Rica vs Nicaragua
This matchup is going to be played in “La Joya de la Sabana” or the “Jewel of the Sabana” and not only that there is the factor that Henry Duarte is returning home, (Duarte is Costa Rican coaching Nicaragua) but the team also has a lot of players playing in the Costa Rican first or second divisions as well. Moreover, there is a bit of a rivalry in the sense that Costa Rica has only drew once all-time against Nicaragua and the last time they faced off, Costa Rica drew.  

Haiti vs Costa Rica

This is the meeting where the top teams in the group face each other in terms of the CONCACAF Rankings in the group. Moreover by this time of the schedule it may be the case that one nation may be in the Quarterfinal round and fighting for a place in a better matchup or in the case that I think it would go down as, it would be the pivotal match to see if the Pinoleros (Nicaragua) go to the next stage.

Group C

Jamaica vs Honduras

If Jamaica wins this game in front of their own fans then there is no reason to say that they will not qualify to the next round. Moreover, if Honduras wins the game then Jamaica is in deep trouble as it could face a giant emotional downturn.

Honduras vs El Salvador
This is a big rivalry game between these two nations. Not to the extent of the rivalry between Honduras-Costa Rica but this matchup in the late 60s sparked a war. Because this is the last game of the group it could be the case that both are qualified or one is already and the other needs a result to knock off Jamaica.

Group D

United States vs Trinidad and Tobago
This is the first time that both nations play each other after the famous choke in Couva where the US just needed a point to go through to the World Cup. This game would be like a revenge game for the United States but it could also make it sweeter to the Socca Warriors to win in US soil for the first time in both teams’ history playing each other. 

Panama vs United States
Where to begin with this match, at first glance there is the 4-0 win that the United States handed to Panama in Orlando. Then in the bitter moment in 2013 where the United States came from behind and won the game in Panama City effectively eliminating Panama from the playoff against New Zealand and helping Mexico qualify for the 2014 World Cup.  In the Gold Cup, Panama reached the 3rd place match after the referee deliberately was in favor of Mexico and then in the 3rd place match the referee again picked the United States to win the match with several blown calls. 


Groups A and D are the hardest on paper. The reason why Group D is the hardest is because on paper, it has 3 former Hexagonal teams in it (United States, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago) but also Guyana who finished above traditional national teams like Jamaica and El Salvador. Group A has two former Gold Cup Winners, those being Mexico and Canada but also teams on the rise like Martinique and Cuba where both of them made it through to the Gold Cup last time around. 

Groups B and C are somewhat more favorable to the heads of the groups on paper. Group B in particular is the easiest one because of the teams in it, only Costa Rica (3rd)  and Haiti (10th)  make up the the top ten while Nicaragua is 14th and Bermuda is 20th. In Honduras’s case the group is somewhat more difficult where there are three teams in the top 10 (Honduras is fourth, Jamaica is seventh, and El Salvador is ninth).

Projected Standings

Group A

  1. Mexico
  2. Canada (Goal differential will be determinate in this case)
  3. Cuba
  4. Martinique

Group B

  1. Costa Rica
  2. Nicaragua
  3. Haiti
  4. Bermuda

Group C

  1. Honduras
  2. El Salvador
  3. Jamaica
  4. Curacao

Group D

  1. Panama
  2. United States
  3. Trinidad and Tobago
  4. Guyana



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