Gold Cup 2021 Qualification Playoffs

There are 12 spots confirmed for the Gold Cup in 2021, but there are four spots to be awarded still. In this 12 team playoff there are the last placed nations in League A, the second placed nations in League B and the first placed teams from League C.

Those teams are in their respective allocation

League A (Teams will play in League B next time around) League B League C (teams will play in League B next time around)
Bermuda Guyana Barbados
Cuba French Guiana Bahamas
Haiti Monserrat Guadeloupe
Trinidad and Tobago St. Vincent and the Grenadines Guatemala

Of all the matches except for two in the first stage of the playoff the team that plays in League B will win. Why is that a fact and not an opinion because of the way that the nations are in their soccer. (Bold equals my pick, @ me if you disagree)

Guadeloupe vs St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Guayana vs Barbados

French Guiana vs Bahamas

Guatemala vs Monserrat

In the second round it would look like this

Guadeloupe vs Haiti

Guayana vs Trinidad and Tobago

French Guiana vs Bermuda

Guatemala vs Cuba

My picks are:

Guadeloupe vs Haiti

Haiti will win, they have a better core as well as their players have experience in these types of competitions. Most of the Haitian players play in either the MLS, France or their domestic league whereas the Guadeloupean players only in plays in a first division outside Guadeloupe and the rest play in either the second or third divisions.

Guyana vs Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago will win mainly because they are the most talented side in this matchup. This is Guyana’s first ever time in this level of Gold Cup Qualification so that there would be room to grow from now.

French Guiana vs Bermuda

All aboard the Bermuda train in this one. Bermuda even though they lack the infrastructure to be a top level contender in CONCACAF almost drew against Mexico’s B team twice, that is more of what Panama did. Moreover Bermuda has a good core with many still in their twenties and playing in second tier English soccer.

Guatemala vs Cuba

Guatemala is by far the better of the two nations here, since Cuba has a problem with defections there is barely any sort of capital that the country can call into the national team. Meanwhile, Guatemala has almost everyone from the 2016 qualification cycle to call upon.

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