Gold Cup and World Cup Qualifying Has Gotten A Makeover

The governing body of North and Central American soccer (CONCACAF) has decided it would be a good idea to implement a UEFA-esque qualifying system for the Gold Cup. There have been plenty of new changes under the new format, but let’s take a look at how the current system operates:

  1. All three teams in North America are granted automatic berths because they are the hosts of the tournament
  2. 4.5 teams in the Central American Zone qualify through the UNCAF tournament
  3. 4.5 teams in the Caribbean Zone qualify through the Caribbean Cup
    1. The fifth place teams in both the Central American Zone and the Caribbean Zone play a playoff for the final spot in the Gold Cup


The proposed model that will be in effect for the next edition of the Gold Cup, called the League of Nations, will start in September 2018. The lowest ranked nations in each of the three zones are placed in three different “leagues” based on their rankings within the confederation. The schedule will be released early next year along with the leagues.  This model is in consideration to make the World Cup Qualifiers change for it to be a fairer system.


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